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Kim's Opinion: When text and email alerts go wrong

We have become accustomed to the mass texts and emails, to the reply-all button and group chat. But we have also recently seen the...
Columns October 16, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Facebook was hacked. Was your data stolen?

It's happened again -- and it probably will keep happening.
Columns October 15, 2018

5 security settings to turn on your router before it's too late

Your router might be your weakest link of security into your house. Through it hackers can access anything using that router to access the...
Columns October 13, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Google 500K data breach

Facebook and Google just can not seem to keep our data private, as Google has been caught yet again in a massive data breach.
Columns October 9, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Facebook hacked again

Facebook has been hacked once again and this time hackers have stolen 50 million users' login information and can access your account just as...
Columns October 3, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Popular games being used by child predators

Millions of kids spend hundreds of hours playing online games like Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox. They talk to their friends online as they play,...
Columns September 27, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Cybersecurity and why we're our own worst enemy

When it comes to our personal safety with all our digital devices, most of us are our own worst enemy. Despite all the warnings, America is a...
Columns September 10, 2018

Email scams - the simpler they are the more people fall for them

You may believe that you’re too smart to fall for an e-mail scam. And I hope you’re right. But millions do. These days, the simpler...
Columns August 31, 2018

Kim's Opinion: Facebook is getting social with your bank account

Mark Zuckerberg is a titan in the information age. At least he used to be. There’s no question that Zuckerberg’s popularity plummeted after his embarrassing...
Columns August 7, 2018

Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminum foil

Your key fob uses an electronic signal, and newer models don't even require you to press a button. Just approach your car, and the...
Columns August 4, 2018
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