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kim's gift ideas

Kim’s 2022 favorites list: Great gifts for everyone on your list

If you can’t come up with Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up some of the web’s most unique and versatile goodies. With this list of Christmas gift ideas, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list.

Maybe there’s a particular person you’re nervous about buying a present for. Either they’re hard to please or don’t seem to need anything. Luckily, we found a few crowdpleasers that anyone would like. Tap or click here for 15 Christmas gifts you can buy for the person who has everything.

If you struggle to come up with gift ideas, this holiday shopping guide will be a lifesaver.

Best gift for the nerd, geek, gadgeteer

You know we have to start this list with a shout-out to tech lovers. Flic 2 smart buttons can make your loved ones’ lives more productive.

All your gift recipient has to do is mount these gadgets conveniently throughout their home. Then, set Alexa routines to make their daily tasks seamless. Just like that, they can set lights to flick on at certain times, play music and much more.

Perfect for the person who plays games on their phone

Let’s be honest. No one can resist a fun game of Candy Crush. Give your friend who loves mobile gaming this gift. They’ll love it!

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High-tech binoculars are creative Christmas gift ideas

I bet you’ve never seen military-grade binoculars on a Christmas gift list. Now you have!

Wow your family members when you’re all huddled around the Christmas tree. They’re sure to be surprised when they open this gift and see what it is and how it works.

Warmies make great Christmas gifts for anyone and everyone

These cozy and plush toys do more than look cute. They also keep you warm. Scented like lavender, they’re designed to be heated in the microwave, so you can cuddle with them throughout the night and fight the cold.

Practical and useful: 2-in-1 garment and duffle bag

No Christmas gift guide would be complete without a convenient wearable like this versatile bag. Bring it to the gym, so you have a change of clothes. It also doubles as a duffle bag for your convenience.

If you prefer something prettier, check out the next gift idea.

Durable and practical crossbody bags to hold a phone and credit cards

Functional and appealing, this vegan leather bag comes in 27 different designs. Whether your loved one likes birds, foxes, dragonflies or penguins, they will love the design you pick out for them. Plus, it’s useful.

VR headsets make great gifts for gamers

Virtual reality games are still cutting-edge. They can be disorienting, which makes them fun to play in groups. You can watch the gamers you love playing these games and pretend they’re tightrope walking or even fighting zombies.

There are more than a few viral videos of people getting freaked out by how realistic VR games are. Using one of these headsets makes for a fun time.

For the golfer who lives, thinks, and breathes golf

I can’t write a list of the best Christmas gifts for anyone and everyone without throwing a bone at my fellow sports lovers.

Gamers will drool over a new Xbox

If you’re feeling generous, throw the gamer in your life a bone. Just get ready for grateful hugs and happy tears.

A super affordable robotic vacuum cleaner

We all need to clean now and then. Save your loved ones some time by buying them a robotic butler. (Sort of.)

SPEAKING OF CLEANINGWhy it’s a good idea to wipe your smartphone at least once a year

These made my life SO much easier. I’m not going back!

I saw these at a posh restaurant in Provence, France and had to get them for my outdoor patio. These devices are perfect gifts for anyone who needs a light where there is no outlet.

Glasses are great Christmas gift ideas for anyone with poor eyesight

They’re helpful and life-changing. I recommend Peepers reading glasses. They’re stylish readers that don’t look like you got them at the drugstore.

The glasses above are just one design of many. Check out the Amazon store page to find your perfect pair.

Feeling generous? Get a smart TV

If you know someone with a pitifully tiny TV, show them the Christmas spirit. Bring out your inner Santa and give them something that will let them see every detail of their favorite TV show.

Smart thermostats

These gadgets are pretty nifty. With this little guy, your friends can control their home’s temperature with their voices. No more fiddling with buttons.

Smart light strip for under the kitchen cabinets

Ever needed something from the cabinets, but it was too dark to see? Yep, it’s a common problem. You can fix this issue for your loved ones by gifting this techy solution.

Smart lightbulbs are great Christmas gift ideas

Easy on the wallet, simple to install and more energy efficient than regular bulbs, LED smart bulbs are too helpful to overlook.

Perfect gift for music lovers: A new soundbar

Everyone loves music. But no one loves poor sound quality. This gadget gives your friends’ favorite playlist a much-needed upgrade.

Smart lock

Peace of mind is a great gift. Smart locks make sure you don’t leave your home unlocked. If you have a forgetful friend, give them one of these devices. Reassure them that a smart lock is easy to set up.

Perfect for pot pie lovers

Nothing beats a tasty baked good during wintertime. Give someone on your gift list these small porcelain pies. They’re great for making both individual pies and chicken pot pies!

Apple AirTags

Tell your friend with an iPhone to download the Find My app. Then, give them these four AirTags. Tell them they’ll never lose anything again. (Or if they do, they’ll easily track those items down.)

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Make binging shows easy with the FireTV stick

This handy device will upgrade anyone’s movie night. We love it because it has built-in voice search and control. It makes movie night effortless.

Best Christmas gift for smart home enthusiasts

Revolutionize your friend or family member’s home with a moving virtual assistant. The hefty price tag is worth it. It has:

  • A 10.1-inch, 1280 x 800 resolution screen.
  • A raised screen that rests on the speakers.
  • Improved sound quality with two 1.0-inch tweeters and a 3.0-inch woofer.
  • A motorized base on top of the speakers that always points in the user’s direction.

It’s an intuitive assistant with tons of features.

For the laundry obsessed

Maybe you know someone like me who loves doing laundry. Before you judge us for being weird, grab one of these packs.

These liquid-free detergent sheets soften and reduce wrinkles while fighting odors, stains and dirt. They also work in hot, cold, hard or soft water. They don’t use harsh ingredients, which makes them good gifts for environmentally conscious people you know.

Great gift for readers: Kindle Paperwhite

Anyone who reads or should read more needs this device. It comes with high-tech features like an adjustable warm light. This cuts down on harsh blue light, which can cause eye strain.

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For the grillmaster

No one wants undercooked meat. It’s dangerous! Give the carnivores you love this meat thermometer with Bluetooth features that will help them sear the perfect steak.

For anyone who doesn’t need a desktop or laptop anymore

Sometimes, less is more. This Apple iPad is popular for good reason. It’s versatile and easy to use.

Great gift for kids and seniors

Everyone needs a can opener. It doesn’t matter if you’re six or 60. Give a practical gift your loved ones will use whenever they’re craving soup, corn or any other delicious treat hidden in a can. All they have to do is press a button!

The best Echo Dot yet

Amazon Echos make life easier. You can turn on lights when your hands are full, play music in a flash and even hear the news. Tap or click here for the top 20 Alexa commands you’ll wish you knew before.

If he has a beard, he needs this

Give the manly man in your life the barbershop experience. Get him a bib apron so he won’t have to deal with falling fur as he shaves his beard. First seen on Shark Tank, the Beard King differs from most alternatives because it’s quick, easy, effective and clean.

For anyone who loves the outdoors

In my opinion, these are the most incredible hiking poles ever. These two walking sticks have a good grip. Plus, they come in eight different colors!

For cocktails and mocktails, you need the perfect ice

If you have any party people in your life, they’ll love this. Americans have loved ice since electric refrigerators became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Before that, we had large, messy blocks of ice, the Smithsonian reports.

With this trendy gadget, you can get 26 pounds of ice in just one day. This self-cleaning ice machine has an ice scoop and a basket, so your recipient can start using it right out of the box.

Massage gun to relieve stress

This electric muscle massager can improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue, soreness and stiffness. It has 10 speeds and 15 massage heads to meet the needs of different muscle groups. It’s easy to use without being loud. It works for up to five hours per charge!

If you want a gift that I love…

I have one of these ceramic personal heaters under my desk. It keeps my gams warm during winter!

Plus, it has an adjustable thermostat to match the ideal temperature. It’s made by Amazon Basics, known for making affordable alternative devices that work as well as the originals.

While your gift recipient is warming their legs, you’re warming your heart with happiness as you think about how much money you saved!

WANT MORE FROM AMAZON BASICS? Here are some Amazon-made cheaper versions of popular products.

These blankets are great Christmas gift ideas for anyone

Everyone needs a blanket. Shark Tank loved the Comfy original. This oversized microfiber and sherpa wearable blanket fits like a dream. It’s one-size-fits-all, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right size!

Great gift for chefs: Disposable air fryer paper liners

Air fryers are incredibly useful. They slash cooking time in half. But no one likes cleaning up after meals, no matter how short the preparation time is.

If you know someone with an air fryer, make their life easier. Get them one of these 100-piece air fryer paper packs. These liners reduce the mess; they’re oil-proof and water-proof.

Practical productivity gift: Paper shredder

Here’s a gift for the hard worker in your life. Maybe they want to dispose of confidential office paperwork safely. They’ll need a paper shredder. Here’s our recommendation. It’s oil-free and convenient, with built-in jam protection and a thermally protected motor to prevent overheating.

Impress pizza lovers

Everyone loves pizza, but not everyone wants takeout. Help your pizza-loving friends by gifting them high-quality pizza ovens. Now, they can make a fresh slice whenever they want!

Help them keep track of sleep and steps

Fitbits are hugely popular. This advanced fitness and health tracker has many features, like stress management tools, sleep tracking, heart rate readers and even built-in GPS. Grab one for those who want to optimize their workout routine.

Help iPhone users improve their health

Apple Watches are customizable fitness trackers that work well with iPhones. You can use it to find your devices, send money with Apple Pay and even unlock your Mac automatically. This gift is a no-brainer if you know any Apple users who want to sleep better or exercise more.

If you want to go above and beyond, send them a guide that helps them unlock their new gadget’s potential. Many Apple Watch users don’t understand the device’s full range of capabilities. Send them these 10 Apple Watch tricks most people don’t know about.

Useful tech gift: The Wyze Plug

You can use this device to make anything smart and controllable with your phone. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes them immediately useful. Plus, there’s no hub required, so it’s an easy starting point for anyone who wants to turn their house into a smart home.

Great for gamers: The Nintendo Switch

Released in 2017, this beloved gaming gadget is the top Nintendo console today. According to Cornell University, it’s the best-selling video game console ever. Customers across the globe couldn’t get enough of it.

Sales have slowed down, but not by much. If you have any young kids in your family, they’ll love this. Older gamers will also adore it. So help them explore more games than ever by gifting this console for Christmas. Your loved ones are sure to use it again and again.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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