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Add a little ambiance to your home with these 15 upgrades

When you look around your home, does it make you feel relaxed? Comfortable? Maybe you’ve finally reached a point where you’re living in the lap of luxury?

No? Well, saddle up because all it takes is a new set of curtains here and an area rug there to make your home look radiant. Tap or click for the seven best home inventory apps to help you see what can be replaced.

If you’re ready to add a little ambiance to your home, we’re prepared to help with these 15 small upgrades designed to make a big impact.

1. Functional and attractive

2. Create a relaxing ambiance

3. Add a little something

4. Create your own look

5. Safe and effective

6. Great for storage and ambiance

7. Stay cool

8. Perfect for bedrooms

9. Great for the living room

10. Place together or spread out

11. Great for closets

12. Everyone loves art

13. A touch of color

14. Plants make everything look better

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