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Free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most well-known, widely used suite of productivity programs around. It's been king since the early years of Windows and the PC revolution.

I'm sure some of you can't imagine using a computer without it! After all, Microsoft Word is practically the default word processing program.


Plus, Excel and PowerPoint are practically synonymous with spreadsheets and presentations. Publisher and Outlook are also industry standard programs. What good is a work computer without these capabilities?

That being said, Microsoft Office is expensive! If you've upgraded to a newer version of Windows, you might be appalled at what you have to pay for the new version of Office.

In fact, plenty of users assume Office comes included at no extra cost with Windows! That isn't usually the case. A basic suite of Microsoft Office software begins at $139.99.

To get a full suite of Office applications, you'll pay $399.99! Or if you buy them individually, you're looking at $109.99 per program.

Here's the good news: You don't have to pay a cent. I know some free programs that do the same thing as Microsoft Office. Plus, some of them have added and improved features!

LibreOffice - LibreOffice is an open-source suite of programs designed to replace most of the productivity programs in Microsoft Office. It offers six programs that should instantly feel familiar to Office users.

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