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Critical Adobe Flash update tool

Critical Adobe Flash update tool
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The Internet was once a text-only place. Then along came faster connections that allowed simple graphics and animations.

Now, thanks to broadband, the Internet is a full-blown, interactive extravaganza. Sites have so many fun features, it's a veritable feast for your eyes.

One of the primary tools for website interactivity is Adobe Flash Player. Using the Flash Player, you can watch videos, listen to audio or view interactive animations. Everything happens right in your Web browser.

For most browsers, you need to install Flash Player manually - Chrome has it built in. Fortunately, it's a free download and it's easy to update to protect your computer.

Even if you already have Flash Player installed, it might be an older version. This can leave your computer vulnerable to hackers and viruses. Check to make sure you have the most recent version of Flash Player here.

Most mainstream software companies like Adobe keep an eye out for security flaws in their software, so they can develop fixes for users. Adobe is very diligent about its updates and posts them regularly for users.

For instance, Adobe's last several updates for Flash Player have included enhanced malware protection and other security features. But, if you're not downloading the updates, you can't take advantage of these tools.

You should also update for another, less scary reason. Software companies are always trying to improve their products, so each update will usually include bug and glitch fixes for errors that bothered users in previous versions.

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