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Store your passwords safely and easily

These days as more and more of our daily business is done online, most folks now have accounts on more sites than ever. Just think how many sites you log in to handle your affairs; the bank, utilities, email, every shopping website. Well you get the idea, Most of us have accounts on many, many sites.

I really hope you already know that you need strong and unique passwords to keep hackers out of your online accounts. It doesn't do you any good to have top-notch security that can be cracked with an easily-guessable password. Click here to learn my secrets for creating safe and strong passwords.

For the best security, however, every account needs a different password as well. That way, if hackers figure out one password they won't automatically get access to all your other accounts. Unfortunately, remembering every password for every account is hard to do. But before you grab pencil and paper to post your passwords someplace obvious, I have a better solution.

You should try a password manager program instead. It stores and organizes your passwords so you don't have to remember them. It's easy and secure to boot.

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