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Free digital e-book librarian

Free digital e-book librarian
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I don't think librarians get enough credit - without them, your local library would be a disaster area. You would have a hard time finding the books you want, and that isn't even their entire job.

Likewise, if you have a ton of e-books on file your computer could be a digital disaster area. E-books can come in a bunch of formats and use obscure file names that can be hard to remember when you're tracking down titles.

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Trying to keep track of those e-books using regular Windows folders is a pain. So make life easier grab the free, simple program Calibre.

It has a clean, user-friendly interface and a ton of helpful features to make organizing and updating your e-book library a snap.

Calibre is also very helpful for loading books onto your e-reader - it can communicate with almost any make or model. You can click the picture of the computer on the home page to watch a very helpful video tutorial.

On top of that, it converts your books to virtually any format. You can customize each book's cover and data automatically by syncing with online booksellers.

You can even buy new e-books straight from Calibre. This digital librarian compares prices from most of the major e-book sites, so you can be sure to get the best price on your favorite books.

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