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Back up your smartphone to your computer

None of us can imagine life without our smartphones. We use them so much that when we sit down at our computers, we might...
Downloads May 23, 2017

Change your phone's ringtone to something more soothing

Many people don't think too much about their smartphone's ringtone. It may have come with your phone, but you've probably experienced that jolt when...
Downloads May 19, 2017

Easy way to ensure every website you visit is secure

Most of us have our favorite websites that we check in on every day. But some of these sites could be a security risk....
Downloads May 12, 2017

Pinpoint Wi-Fi issues in your home or office

Have Wi-Fi coverage issues? If you've ever struggled to fix the Wi-Fi connection in your home, you need this freebie. It’s an innovative way...
Downloads April 21, 2017

New Google feature keeps you organized

Each week, I'm constantly pulled in a thousand directions as I juggle my personal life, office life and plan my show. Staying organized is...
Downloads April 11, 2017

Print from anywhere there's an internet connection

Have you ever wished you could print something out when you weren't at home? It's a problem we've all encountered, and I've found a...
Downloads February 24, 2017

Fastest way to save text message conversations

Preserving text messages can be tricky. You can create screenshots, but if we're talking about a text conversation with hundreds of messages then forget...
Downloads January 20, 2017

Get this Microsoft download to easily manage your work schedule

Have you ever wished that you could swap a shift with one of your coworkers? Maybe a family emergency has come up, or you're...
Downloads January 17, 2017

Free digital dictionary helps find fast definitions, synonyms and more

Whether vocabulary is one of your strength or weaknesses, it never hurts to have easy access to a dictionary. But nobody wants to lug...
Downloads July 29, 2016

Visualize your wireless coverage

In order to get the best wireless coverage, you need the best hotspot locations. This free download for Mac will help you map out...
Downloads April 22, 2016

Watch and listen to your favorite streaming content when you're overseas

You can watch or listen to your favorite streaming content from anywhere in the world.
Downloads January 22, 2016

Balance your books and see your money grow

Does your money seem to get up and walk away when you're not looking? This program can fix that.
Downloads December 31, 2015

Balance your books and see your money grow

Does your money seem to get up and walk away when you're not looking? This program can fix that!
Downloads September 20, 2015

Team communication is a snap with this download

When your working on a team project with your small business, church group or club, you'll want to use this free team communication tool.
Downloads September 13, 2015

Download Microsoft Sway for free

Kiss those ubiquitous PowerPoint presentations goodbye. With Microsoft's new Sway, there's a really good chance you'll stand up and touch the next presentation you...
Downloads August 13, 2015

Android apps on your PC

Use your favorite Android mobile apps on your computer.
Downloads July 2, 2015

One program to encrypt group messages

Want to send messages the government and hackers can't read? This browser add-on keeps your messages safe.
Downloads April 10, 2015

Download hundreds of free eBooks

Boost your library with more free books. You never know when a canning tutorial or a bedtime story will come in handy.
Downloads March 21, 2015

A free and easy way to control a computer from anywhere

Need to remotely control your home computer or help fix a friend's computer problem from a distance? This free program has you covered.
Downloads January 24, 2015

Manage Your Android or iPhone from PC Desktop

You can control your gadget and even back it up from your PC with this download.
Downloads October 14, 2014
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