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‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’ is an opinionated sports fan’s paradise

There are dozens and dozens of sports podcasts out there. They come at you from all angles, about all sports, and usually with a barely-concealed bias.

Here’s one sports podcast that’s up front about its bias, and the host’s personality drives the show, and has driven his writing for years now.

Like him or not — and many don’t — Bill Simmons is one of the most influential sports columnists around. He wrote for ESPN from 2001 to 2015, courting controversy along the way. Simmons mixes sports knowledge and analysis with pop culture and movie references, long reflections on his life and his fandom for Boston sports teams. He hit his stride when both the Red Sox and Patriots were winning their first championships of the era.

Simmons hits the airwaves

Simmons took his talents to the airwaves with The Bill Simmons Podcast on his website, The Ringer. It’s full of his opinions about sports and culture, just like his famous columns.

The focus changes with the sports seasons. Recent shows have been basketball heavy, touching on the Golden State Warriors’ dominance, NBA in the Twitter area and LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, along with gambling in Las Vegas.

The podcasts are peppered with guests and Simmons’ opinionated takes on everything.

Catch Bill Simmons’ inimitable style in The Bill Simmons Podcast.

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