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‘Science Friday’ tackles big issues in an accessible way

Science is big lately. As Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson enjoy their celebrity, more people are finding science to be fascinating.

The trend has moved on to podcasting, too. Look around and you’ll find any number of shows that talk science trends, ideas and possibilities.

One of the best is “Science Friday,” or SciFri for short. It’s a weekly call-in show hosted by award-winning science journalist Ira Flatow. SciFri focuses on nature, science and technology, and it’s one of the most popular iTunes podcast downloads, frequently in the top 15 each week.

Recent shows have focused on water management, climate science ahead of its time, how Uranus got knocked on its side, and a look at the science behind the movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”

Bonus: Take a look at some awe-inspiring scientific toys.

SciFri also partners with educators and scientists to create free STEM activities, lessons and resources for teachers. Those are at SciFri’s Educate page.

Feed your need for science with “Science Friday.”

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