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planet money

‘Planet Money’ is the economy explained

After a long “winter” of discontent, the economy is back. Growth after the Great Recession is modest, yes, but it is thankfully trending upward.

So what’s going to happen next? What are the trends, pitfalls and growth spikes to come? Where do you find this information in an entertaining, informative package?

NPR’s “Planet Money” says it’s “the economy explained.” Forget sleep-inducing panel discussions of monetary policy or other arcane subjects. “Planet Money” talks about complicated subjects such as health care or insider trading in an accessible way.

“Planet Money” has also explored commerce in unusual ways, such as making a T-shirt and following it in a journey from resource production to manufacturing. The show also bought 100 barrels of crude oil and followed it all the way into a gas pump.

Other recent podcasts have looked at bank disaster scenarios, the price of oil, fake product reviews and when CEO pay exploded.

“Planet Money” also provides regular reports for “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” and occasional episodes of “This American Life.”

Listen to “Planet Money” and get more informed about your own finances.

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These informative podcasts from Kim Komando delve into the fast-moving world of technology and the relevant tech issues and topics that are continuously transforming our lives.

We’ll give you a sneak peek. Listen to this Komando On Demand podcast about Exactis and how it leaked the data of nearly every American.

It’s easy to subscribe! Just click the iTunes or Spotify link to subscribe via your smartphone, or download individual episodes on your computer by clicking the “Download” link in the bottom right of each episode’s summary.

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