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‘Note to Self’ explains the world

Kim Komando loves to give you the information you need right now to navigate your tech world. She’s always ready to let you know about the latest scams, hacks, best new products, trends and gadgets.

Here’s a podcast that offers a different look at the tech world from NPR.

“Note to Self” is focused on different people and their interaction with technology. Manoush Zomorodi discusses Big Data, metadata embedded in selfies, how dating apps have killed romance, and a series of interviews with women “owning it online” called “No Filter.”

A weekly note

“Note to Self” updates on Wednesday, which gives you a good week to catch up with previous episodes, such as “Play Video Games for Your Mental Health” and “Wait, What IS Reality?”

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Tech news you need now

Kim Komando features the most current tech news and opinions at PodcastK. Here’s a podcast you should catch up on now.

Consumer Tech Update gives you Kim Komando’s take on real topics you care about every weekday. You’ll hear facts, opinion and the latest tech information underneath the surface in just one minute.

In this episode, Kim talks about Fortnite, a popular game that is drawing kids into its web.

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