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‘Internet History Podcast’ tells you how we got here

The internet isn’t that old – depending on when you start counting.

The U.S. government’s project to connect computer networks started in the 1960s, and ARPANET, which linked academic and military networks started in 1980s. The modern internet came together in the 1990s.

That might not seem like a lot of time for “history,” but you’d be wrong! “Internet History Podcast” goes through the history of one of the most important things in our lives, subject by subject, person by person.

‘Internet History Podcast’

The podcast looks at how the internet came about, with interviews with old hands from Netscape, the founder of one of the first streaming music sites, the owner of viral video company JibJab, and more.

This ongoing project really fills in the gaps of internet knowledge, and the project moved into the real world as the interviews and recollections were gathered together in a book, “How the Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone.”

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