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Enjoy eye-opening journalism with ‘Longform’

Something interesting has been happening online in the past few years. As more and more people are getting used to bite-sized pieces of information, some journalism sites have been specializing in going deeper.

Two of the best long-form journalism sites out there are Longreads and Longform. Now, one has one of the best deep-dive podcasts out there.

The Longform podcast features reporters, magazine writers and essayists digging into stories like American terrorist Dylann Roof, Japan’s rent-a-family industry, and two authors’ trip into the heart of America.

Longform also posts long non-podcast articles about such diverse subjects as one family’s struggle with student loan debt and the enduring appeal of Olive Garden.

This is one site you’ll want to take your time in, and soak in the podcasts, too.

Looking for more great podcasts?

We host a lot of great podcasts at Here’s one of them.


These informative podcasts from Kim Komando delve into the fast moving world of technology and the relevant tech issues and topics that are continuously transforming our lives.

We’ll give you a sneak peek. Listen to this Komando On Demand podcast about the coming cyberwar with Russia.

It’s easy to subscribe! Just Click the iTunes or Google Play or Spotify link to subscribe via your smartphone, or download individual episodes on your computer by clicking the “Download” link in the bottom right of each episode’s summary.

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