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Dig into conspiracy with ‘The RFK Tapes’

Conspiracy seems to be at the heart of a lot of crime podcasts, and reinvestigation of old crime is a mainstay of the genre. “Serial” and “Caliphate” are two popular podcasts that touch on both crime and conspiracy.

But there are no greater conspiracies in American history than political assassinations. No matter what the official findings are, people are rarely satisfied. The 1963 murder of John F. Kennedy has spawned warehouses full of books and tapes that offer a different view.

The 1968 murder of his brother, Bobby Kennedy, is no different. On June 5, 1968, Kennedy was killed just after he won the California primary, and Sirhan Sirhan, captured at the scene with gun in hand, was tried and convicted.

Open and shut case?

According to the police, the media, and most everyone else, the case was clearly open and shut. Decades later, when Los Angeles police files were finally opened, a more complicated story began to emerge.

The public at large has always sniffed conspiracy, and “The RFK Tapes” explores those doubts. Over 10 episodes, original police tapes, rare recordings and new interviews are used to further explore the assassination.

“The RFK Tapes” was put together by the creators of another crime podcast, “Crimetown.”

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