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Here’s how NBC is trying to stand out from the streaming crowd

The arena of streaming services is getting more crowded all the time. New services are constantly popping up that offer different programming and pricing.

Disney+ is a recent addition to popular streaming services, and for good reason. It’s loaded with great content that most everyone wants to watch for a pretty reasonable price. Tap or click here to learn everything you need to know about Disney+.

Now, NBC wants to enter the fray and thinks it has a way to draw viewers in. Read on to find out what will make NBC’s new streaming service stand out from the competition.

Is Peacock the streaming service you’ve been waiting for?

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service, Peacock, will launch in April of 2020. One major difference between other streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ that subscribers will notice is when they log on to Peacock, each time they will see live streaming video.

It’s being likened to turning on an old school TV and having a program playing immediately — but, that’s not the feature NBC is counting on to attract new viewers.

No, the thing that is expected to draw people in is that the service will be free. At least that’s the rumor going around right now.

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Instead of being charged a monthly fee like other streaming services, NBC is considering making Peacock free to viewers. But of course, there is a catch.

Unlike its competitors, Peacock will not require you to subscribe to a cable service or purchase a device; however, discussions are focused on presenting Peacock as an ad-supported service.

If the plan comes to fruition, all programming will be offered at no charge and will contain 3-5 minutes of ads per content hour.

Other options that appear to be on the table include an ad-free subscription that would come with a charge, and a tier package that would provide additional content or benefits to those who subscribe to Comcast or other pay-TV subscribers. Those subscription prices are expected to run between $5 and $10 per month.

What programming will be available with Peacock?

When Peacock launches, it will have more than 15,000 hours of available content. That includes a reboot of the hit series “Saved By The Bell” with original cast members.

More classic series will also be streaming on Peacock, like “Friday Night Lights,” “Downton Abbey,” “Monk” and “Cheers.” Beginning in 2021, “The Office” will move to Peacock after Netflix loses the rights to carry the hit series.

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Peacock will also have some popular movies in its library. Notable movies include “Back to the Future,” “E.T.,” “The Fast & Furious” franchise and more.

Is the idea of free live TV streaming revolutionary? Maybe not, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either. With most streaming services jacking up prices these days, it’s nice to be able to add free programming to your bundle — even if you have to suffer through a few ads here and there. Wouldn’t you agree?

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