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Cord cutters: One tool to make sure you’re not wasting money on streaming services

Streaming services have changed the way we watch TV forever. The days of having to wait an entire week to find out what happens on the next episode of your favorite show are over.

Now, full seasons are released on services like Netflix and Hulu on the same day, so people can binge-watch them over a single weekend. Tap or click here to find out which streaming service is best.

But, there is one gotcha to watch out for with streaming services — spending too much money. Thankfully, there is a new tool that can help make sure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money.

Stop paying for programming you don’t watch

MyBundle.TV is designed to help you save money on streaming services by eliminating unwanted content. Why pay for programming you don’t watch?

Here’s how it works: Just answer a few questions and select the channels you want. MyBundle.TV helps cut out all the wasted time researching what you’re looking for by personalizing streaming bundles for you.

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Just answer questions like how many people are in your household, what’s your ZIP code and if you need a DVR with your bundle.

Then, the site asks which streaming services you already have and which streaming device you use. This includes tablets, cellphones, smart TVs and more. One big question is whether live sports are important to you. Be honest with that one.

When all of those questions are answered, you will need to select the channels you want. A list of channels appears, including locals, Bloomberg Television, ESPN, TBS, TNT, Food Network and more. You can even filter channels by genre or search by name.


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After selecting all of your desired channels, MyBundle.TV will compile a list of bundle options for you. It will make suggestions like bundling YouTube TV with Philo to cover all the channels you’re interested in.

If you don’t like the options given to you, there’s a Build My Bundle option. It shows you streaming service options that might fit your needs, and you can put them together however you like.

The best part? There are no contracts. Like with most other streaming services, you can cancel at any time without paying a fee.

Give MyBundle.TV a try and see if you can save a little coin. Just make sure you’re not bundling too many services, or it could end up costing more than you’re already paying.

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