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Good news: Internet data cap price hike just got pushed back

Only a few things are more annoying than blissfully browsing the internet or streaming your favorite series and receiving an over-the-limit data warning. For most Americans, the pandemic alleviated that a bit, as internet service providers suspended data caps last year.

That arrangement is about to come to an end. Internet consumers will soon again be faced with limits on their monthly data. But as you know, not all data customers are treated equally. Tap or click here for all the cable TV and internet price hikes coming in 2021 – check the list.

The good news is you may get a reprieve if your ISP is one that’s extending the suspension of data caps. Keep reading to find out.

Here’s the backstory

Late last year, Comcast said it was introducing a 1.2TB data cap. This would apply to customers in the northeastern U.S. who aren’t on its unlimited plan. To help you get used to being monitored, Comcast explained that January and February of this year would be trial runs of sorts.

If you went over the limit in those two months, Comcast would issue a note to inform you how much you would be charged. But charges wouldn’t actually be applied until March.

For every 50GB you go over the limit, Comcast will charge you $10. This would be incrementally increased until your total reaches $100. That seems like a lot, but Comcast previously said that very few customers would go over the limit.

It seems that Comcast has now backtracked on its plans.

Power of the law

Pennsylvania’s attorney general Josh Shapiro raised several concerns about the data limits. His main issue was that it would negatively impact cash-strapped Americans.

“As Pennsylvanians continue to navigate this pandemic, we know millions are relying on the internet for school and work more than ever. This is not the time to change the rules when it comes to Internet data usage and increase costs,” Shapiro said in a statement.

But that doesn’t mean the data caps will disappear forever. The intended caps will now be enforced in July and show up on bills in August. If you are unsure if and when your ISP will be implementing a data cap, call your company for verification.

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