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Hulu won’t work on these streaming devices soon

One of the saddest things about following tech is how transient everything is. Today’s hot commodity can become yesterday’s garbage in a matter of weeks, and the cycle is inevitable for any kind of device once enough time has passed.

And as tech marches on, so does compatibility with older devices. Just a few short months ago, Netflix announced it would no longer support older smart TVs that come bundled with the app. The issue stems from compatibility problems with Netflix’s autoplay feature, but it’s more likely a natural part of the product’s life cycle. Tap or click to see why that might be.

But Netflix isn’t the only company cutting support for older devices. Hulu is letting support go for several outdated streaming devices. Here’s the reason why.

Hulu to older Roku devices: ‘Drop dead.’

According to Ars Technica, Hulu is finally cutting out support for several previous-generation Roku devices.

The choice comes as Hulu continues to add new features and options that older devices simply aren’t equipped for. In the case of many older Roku devices, users are stuck in what’s referred to as the “Classic” Hulu app, which lacks features like live TV that are found in the modern edition.

Affected Roku devices were introduced in 2012 and earlier, and many are not capable of running the modern editions of apps like Netflix either. Tap or click here to see when Netflix cut support for older Roku devices.

Still, it’s a sizable enough list to make you wish that Hulu would be a bit more merciful. But ask any Apple fan and they’ll tell you: Being an early adopter isn’t always the best deal you can get.

Which devices are restricted and losing support?

Here is the complete list of Roku devices losing support in light of Hulu’s decision. As you can see, quite a few models are affected, and you might be surprised to see yours mentioned here:

  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Premiere and Premiere+
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • Roku 3 and 4
  • Roku 2 (model 4210)
  • Roku Streaming Stick (model 3500 or later)
  • Roku TV
  • 4K Roku TV

If you’re not sure of which device you have in your living room, all you need to do is power your device on and navigate to the About menu under Settings. This will list the name and model of your Roku device.

New Roku options

If your Roku is being put out to pasture, you have options. There are some really nice, newer Roku devices available at reasonable prices. Here are a couple to choose from.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ offers HD/4K/HDR streaming for crystal clear viewing. The long-range wireless receiver gives you up to four times the range and a stronger signal for smooth streaming even in rooms far from your router.

This Roku Ultra streaming media player comes with premium JBL headphones. Experience your favorite TV in stunning detail and clarity; Perfect for HD, HDR, and 4K streaming. Enjoy a picture that’s optimized for your TV with sharp resolution and vivid color.

Use your voice to set personal shortcuts for one-touch control, search across channels, turn captions on and more with the enhanced voice remote. Plus, enjoy private listening with the included Premium JBL headphones and TV controls.

It’s always sad to say goodbye, but at the very least, newer Roku models are fairly inexpensive. At the same time, you might be surprised at what other manufacturers are offering now. The streaming world has never been more diverse or competitive. Tap or click here to see which streaming device is best for your home.

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