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5 of the hottest movies and shows to stream right now

It seems like every week, we hear about an awesome new show to watch. But when you’re swept away by a tsunami of eye-catching titles, it’s easy to fall behind the crowd. Tap or click here for an easy way to find great streaming content.

It can be super annoying to fall in love with a show right as the buzz is dying down. When that happens, you have no one to share your excitement or theories with!

If you’ve ever gotten into a show right as the buzz is dying down, we’ve got your back. Check out our list of the hottest movies and shows to watch this week.

Here’s the backstory:

If you want to watch the latest releases, you’ll find the hottest titles trending on social media. If any of them catch your eye, Reelgood and JustWatch are great options for finding what you want ASAP. They’ll tell you where each show is streaming. Here are five of the hottest picks trending now.

1. “WandaVision”: Catch the finale to the Marvel show everyone’s been talking about right now (Disney+)

Marvel fans know all about Wanda Maximoff, a superhero also known as the Scarlet Witch. She’s the star of “WandaVision,” a popular show set after 2019’s incredibly popular release, “Avengers: Endgame,” which made over $2.7 billion worldwide. The show stars Wanda and her partner, Vision, as they live in idyllic suburbia, trying to hide their superpowers.

It may sound sweet and simple, but the show is anything but. Its subversive nature slowly reveals a more sinister undertone that has fans entranced. The first season’s finale hit the scene on Mar. 5, which means social media is aflame with theories.

2. “Coming 2 America”: The sequel to the Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall classic is 33 years in the making. (Amazon Prime Video)

In 1988, Eddie Murphy starred as an African crown prince who fled his nation to find love in America. The classic movie grossed $350 million worldwide. Fans have waited for a sequel for three decades.

Now, the beloved comedy is finally getting a sequel, in which Eddie Murphy’s character returns to the U.S. to find his long-lost son. Culture clashes, family drama and hilarious jokes are sure to ensue. This movie hit Amazon Prime on Mar. 4, so it’s the perfect time to tune in.

3. “For All Mankind”: Watch the second season of the hit drama that explores the theoretical evolution of the global space race. (Apple TV+)

“Landing on the moon didn’t end the space race,” according to the show’s official summary. “It raised the stakes.” This Apple TV+ original explores an alternate universe in which NASA and the space program remained one of America’s focal points. Its creator is Emmy Award winner Ronald D. Moore, who also worked on “Outlander” and “Battlestar Galactica.”

4. Disney’s newest animation stars “Raya and the Last Dragon” (Disney+)

Social media is aflame with talks on the new Disney movie. It’s a bit too soon to tell if it’s a hit, but this original film has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. It takes place in a fantasy world where humans and dragons once lived together in harmony…until disaster struck.

This action-packed adventure stars a strong female character and her animal sidekick. It’ll be a surefire hit with the little ones in your family.

5. The game’s never over with Hulu’s science fiction film, “Boss Level” (Hulu)

The Detroit News says this new release is “‘Groundhog Day'” with extreme violence. Every day, its hero wakes up to an onslaught of swordfighters, artillery and a heavy dose of danger. Before you watch the trailer, be warned: It’s pretty violent.

Bonus: HBO hits hard with “Persona: The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests” (HBO Max)

People have been analyzing their personality tests since the dawn of time. Long before the invention of computers, folks were pointing at the stars and claiming your birth date impacted the person you’d grow up to be.

More recently, we’ve seen the emergence of personality tests that claim to be more scientific. Tons of businesses ask their employees to take the Myers-Briggs test, which puts you into one of 16 broad categories. For example, a person who gets INFJ is called an “Advocate,” which indicates to upper management that this job candidate is a great team player and a leader.

But how reliable are these tests? This question lies at the heart of HBO Max’s newest documentary. Here’s the trailer.

If you can’t stop streaming amazing shows, we’ve got just the tool for you. We found a free website that analyzes your Netflix data and calculates how much time you spend streaming. Plus, you can rediscover old programs and find out your top shows of all time.

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