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Time your favorite TV shows for binge watching

Forget baseball — binge watching is the new American pastime, quarantine or not. And with so much media at our disposal these days, why not curl up on the couch and watch some of our favorite TV shows back-to-back? It’s not like we have to wait days and days between episodes anymore.

But as anyone who binge-watches TV can tell you, it’s pretty much the ultimate time sink. As you get invested in stories, your perception of time goes out the window. Before you know it, your entire afternoon has flown by. You meant to get up, right?

To get as much out of streaming your shows as possible, it has to make sense with your schedule. But with how long some shows can run and how many episodes they have, is there any way to know how much time you’ll be spending in front of your TV?

Well, there is now thanks to, a helpful website that pulls from an impressive database of TV knowledge. Just type your favorite show in, confirm how many seasons you want to watch, and click the arrow to see exactly how many hours it will take.

Now, you can plan your binge-watching around what you need to get done and get a better idea of how many hours you’re spending on streaming.

You’re not just limited to one show, either. If you plan on marathoning several shows in a row, you can cumulatively add series to and get a grand total of how many hours your session will take.

Beyond the practical utility, of course, it’s also fun just to see how long an individual TV show takes to watch with no breaks. For example, did you know “Game of Thrones” takes three days and one hour to watch all the way through back-to-back?

Try plugging in your favorite shows and see what comes up. You might be surprised at how much time you’ve been spending. It’s great stuff.

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