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Binge everything in 10 minutes or less with this new streaming service

Since the mid-2010s, short-form videos have been some of the most popular means of viral entertainment. Apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Vine have changed the way we consume content, proving short videos still have staying power in a digital ecosystem that demands “engagement.”

This flies directly in the face of YouTube and its algorithms, which have pivoted towards longer videos that draw more traffic (read: ad revenue). As a result, we now see more conspiracy theories on the platform than ever. Tap or click to see how YouTube Kids still struggles with conspiracy videos.

With YouTube’s quality supposedly declining, where is a person to turn for fun, viral videos? Well, a new streaming service thinks it has the answer. All of its programs are 10 minutes long or less, and it’s gunning directly for YouTube’s target audience. But will it succeed where others have failed?

Enter Quibi: The next big (little) thing?

Quibi (pronounced “kwee-bye”) is short for “quick bite,” which is exactly what this streaming service is offering. Instead of long-form prestige TV like you might find on HBO Max, Quibi sets itself apart with shows and content under 10 minutes in length. Tap or click here to see what HBO Max has to offer.

After releasing some teasers to accompany the 2020 Academy Awards, Quibi is attempting to force its way into the national conversation. This app is designed to appeal to those with short attention spans, and is a mobile-first streaming service.

This means all content, no matter who made it, is perfectly viewable in both landscape and portrait mode on your phone. Yes, really!

To kick things off, Quibi is bringing some celebrity endorsements and big names along with it. “Punk’d”, the classic prank show, will get a new lease on life at Quibi — which actually fits the show’s format perfectly.

In addition to that, a slate of shows are on the way with a big celebrity presence. Actors like Idris Elba, Sophie Turner, Christoph Waltz and Anna Kendrick are expected to be working on content for the platform.

While there aren’t too many details about the shows coming out, one notable entry that’s slipped into the public eye is “Chrissy’s Court,” which will star Chrissy Teigen and follow the same formula as shows like “Judge Judy.” Your guess is as good as ours.

How much will Quibi cost?

Unlike HBO Max and other premium streaming outlets, Quibi is looking to stay on the Disney+ side of things with a starting monthly price of just $5. This will be for a version of the service with ads, but an ad-free version is also on deck for just $8 monthly.

The developers behind Quibi also claim the ads will be short to keep with the theme of “quick videos” — averaging to around 6 seconds per ad. That’s shorter than many YouTube ads.

As to whether or not this app is worth subscribing to, the answer is up in the air. As more information comes out, we’ll be able to get a better idea of its value. Quibi is scheduled to launch on April 6, 2020. Android and iOS users can “pre-order” the app for instant access as soon as the service is live.

But for the time being, YouTube premium costs $12.00 monthly, and nets you the world’s biggest video library with no ads and the ability to keep listening to audio when the app or your phone is locked. $10.00 more gives you YouTube music, which has even more tracks and audio to stream to your heart’s content.

Tap or click here to see the advantages of YouTube Music.

Hopefully, Quibi is able to set itself apart from the competition. As it stands, the streaming media field is starting to look pretty crowded. And don’t forget: HBO Max, Peacock and more are still on the way! Tap or click here for our latest streaming service comparison.

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