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Get personalized TV show recommendations with this free streaming app

Many of us are a month into social distancing and staying home. Our streaming queues are, unsurprisingly, a little bare.

Before we get too far, here’s a quick PSA: Your smart TV is like a hidden spy in your living room. Tap or click here to find out how to make yours bug off.

Now that you’re safe and sound, back to streaming. Don’t waste time surfing through Netflix or Hulu. There’s a simple way to find your new favorite TV show in a snap – and it’s free.

There are dozens of streaming platforms, hundreds of new shows and too many things to choose from. That’s where WatchWorthy’s AI comes in. Here’s how it works to help you stop browsing endlessly and start watching.

WatchWorthy helps take the guesswork out of TV

WatchWorthy app screenshots

Here’s how WatchWorthy works. Step one: Download the free app for iOS or Android. Click the link for your device and enter your phone number to get the download link as a text, or search WatchWorthy in the App Store or Google Play store.

After you create an account, you’ll be presented with a list of TV shows pull from 200 streaming services. Swipe right for your favorites, swipe left for the ones you dislike, and swipe up if you aren’t sure.

Just 30 seconds later, WatchWorthy consults a massive list of data culled from Ranker’s 50,000 votable lists. The app uses this data to analyze the shows you like and dislike to find recommendations that work, each delivered with a “worthy” percentage score that estimates how much you’ll enjoy it.

That’s exactly what differentiates WatchWorthy different from all the other “surefire” recommendation apps out there. It’s got plenty of data to draw from, so you’re not seeing the same list as any other user who enjoys a good dark comedy.

Plus, WatchWorthy’s interactive elements put you in control of what you want to see and what you don’t. And it pulls from a huge database of shows to bring you options you may never even have considered.

Once you have your list, you can connect your favorite streaming services to make watching even easier.

Ready to stop looking for something to watch and jump into a new show? Download WatchWorthy for iOS devices here, and download the app for Android devices here.

With all the extra time many of us are spending at home, you may finally fall in love with a brand new cast of characters.

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