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The best stories in ‘The New Yorker Presents’

As the streaming choices grow and grow, there are more things to see out there than just TV shows and movies. Documentaries are taking off, as are special programs using formats that don’t fit comfortably in traditional television formats.

One type of program that has all but disappeared from television screens is the anthology series. An anthology series presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode. No long storytelling, this is just a series of one-off items. “The Twilight Zone,” “American Horror Story” and “Masterpiece Theater” are just three of the most celebrated anthologies.

Now, The New Yorker magazine has joined the fray with an excellent anthology series on Amazon. “The New Yorker Presents” is an odd collection of interviews, news investigations and scripted comedy shorts that will catch your attention without having to stream an entire season to wait for a payoff.

Each 30-minute episode is host to several different segments, which vary wildly in tone and subject matter. Besides news and comedy, “The New Yorker Presents” features documentaries, short narrative films, poetry, animation and cartoons from the hands of acclaimed filmmakers and artists.

With that diverse selection, some segments and shows are better than others, of course. But give it a good look and enjoy the mindset of The New Yorker.

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