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Where Spotify beats Apple Music – and where it doesn’t

Apple Music grew in popularity when programs like Napster were making paying for music less than favorable. Since then, no other music platform has been able to beat them out. That is until Spotify entered the market.

Spotify has grown in size and expanded its offerings over the last few years, and today it rivals Apple Music in many ways. This begs the question, which is better? Spotify or Apple Music? Looking for a place to store your music? Tap or click here to set up your own music server in a few easy steps.

In some ways, Spotify is superior to Apple Music, but Apple Music still has some categories where it wins all around. Read on for our comparison of Spotify and Apple Music.

What do they both offer?

There are several features that both Apple Music and Spotify can offer anyone looking for music on the go, no matter the platform. Both platforms offer you the ability to stream music anywhere as long as you have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

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Both have a large library of popular artists, and both are user-friendly with easy platforms to navigate. Here are some more similarities:

  • On-screen lyrics.
  • Recommendation’s for new artists.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices.
  • Similar paid services, around $9.99 a month.
  • Free trial periods.

Where does Spotify beat out Apple Music?

There are a few areas where Spotify blows Apple Music out of the water. One specifically is its recommendations. Spotify uses a special algorithm to recommend new music based on your listening patterns.

While Apple Music does offer recommendations, opening you up to new music, it really can’t compare with Spotify’s recommendation algorithm. Spotify excels in several other areas as well:

  • Free ad-supported option, allowing you to listen to a wide array of artists, free of charge.
  • More flexibility between platforms and hardware.
  • Personal equalizer options.
  • Supported by almost all voice assistants on the market, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Better options for collaborative playlists and sharing music with friends.
  • Stronger podcast offerings.

Where Apple Music is a better choice

Apple Music isn’t without its perks and robust features. One of the most significant benefits of choosing Apple Music over Spotify is its extensive Apple Universe. Apple Music easily integrates with Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone for those who are loyal to Apple’s long list of products.

While you can use Spotify on these platforms, Apple Music runs more seamlessly. Apple also offers these functions that outpace Spotify:

  • It’s easier to manage your existing music library through iTunes and Cloud Locker.
  • You can bundle your paid plan with other Apple services through Apple One plans.
  • Depending on your hardware, Apple’s most recent features include updates like lossless audio, spatial audio and Dolby Atmosphere. However, some of these features only work with specific hardware.

Who wins?

While both Spotify and Apple Music are excellent choices to listen to music on the go or in your home, Apple’s biggest weakness in comparison to Spotify is that it lacks a free option, whereas those willing to listen to ads can enjoy the majority of Spotify’s features for free, albeit with minor interruptions.

Ultimately, the winner is based on personal preference. Those who are heavily invested in Apple’s universe should consider the convenience of staying with the platform.

Those looking for more flexibility, less cost, and better recommendations, should consider Spotify for their music listening needs.

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