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Sling TV raising costs of live TV streaming

Have you joined the cord cutting revolution yet? Millions of Americans already have. Viva la résistance!

This, of course, is when you get rid of cable or satellite and replace it with a streaming service or two. (PssT! Click here to read our streaming services comparison article, it’ll help you decide which is best for you.)

Cutting the cord is a popular way to cut back on monthly bills. It doesn’t make any sense these days to pay up to $200 per month to watch TV when there are so many affordable streaming services to choose from. Now for some bad news. Sling TV is raising the price of live TV streaming.

How much is Sling TV raising its prices?

One fear that keeps people from cutting the cord is the idea of not being able to watch live TV. But with services like Sling TV’s Orange Package, you’re able to watch select TV channels live.

Sling Orange offers popular channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, Bloomberg Television, and more. In fact, you get around 30 channels with this package.

For close to four years, Sling Orange was priced at $20 per month. Now, it’s being raised to $25 per month.

The new pricing goes into effect immediately for new subscribers. Those who have already been subscribing to Sling Orange will get to wait a month before paying the increased rate.

Hopefully this isn’t a trend of rising streaming costs. Last year, PlayStation Vue raised its prices from $30 per month to $40 per month. These companies need to understand lower pricing is the driving force behind the cord cutting revolution. If prices get too high, people will end up going back to cable.

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