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Miss classic TV? Relive hits from decades past with this fun site

If you’ve ever struggled to sleep at night, you probably already know that late-night TV is fantastic for one reason: nostalgia. If you are scrolling TV after hours, you’ll be lucky to find a selection of shows that reminds you of your youth. Tap or click here for tips on buying your next TV.

From old television commercials to “I Love Lucy” reruns, sometimes a walk down memory lane can be just what you need. What if there was a way to find all these gems in one place, no matter the time of day?

Thanks to one fun site, there is now an easy way to experience nostalgia wherever you are, with just your laptop or phone. If you miss classic TV, you’ll get lost in nostalgia with these classic TV shows. 

My nostalgic TV

If you like taking a walk down memory lane, you aren’t alone. Joey Cato was reminiscing from his youth and wanted to view all his television memories in one place. So he created a site for each decade with all your favorite content.

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He reviews each clip for every decade and curates them into one place, moving them from YouTube himself. He credits each video, which you can view on the screen.

Each decade currently has thousands of clips available, all viewable on a cute TV screen that reminds you of your grandmother’s living room. The entire collection has over 125,000 clips, so you’ll likely never run out of things to watch.

Each decade is broken into multiple categories like music, news, and soaps, so you can choose the type of clips you are most interested in viewing.

How it works

When you head to any of the decades, you’ll be brought to a page with an old-looking television. Press the play button, and a random clip will appear on the screen. If you want to skip to the next channel, press the channel up or down button.

The volume buttons work as well. Press up or down to adjust the volume. Click the menu button for a list of keyboard shortcuts to manage the on-screen television.


Head to for an absolute blast from the past. This TV is true to the era, and you’ll need to hit the dials to skip to the next video. From commercials advertising Clint Eastwood’s early movies to clips of Elvis singing his top hits, you’ll have a glimpse of your favorite moments from the 1960s.


If you are missing bell-bottoms and rock music, my70stv is the site for you. While the TV will shuffle between thousands of clips, you might come across the Lions versus Bears playing on a Sunday in 1978 or John Williamson on his guitar serenading you with “Old Man Emu.”


The 80s was a lot of fun with some interesting hairstyles. Press the play button and relive the highlights of Iron Maiden, or discover Robin Williams mocking politicians on SNL.


If you are a millennial, the 90s are still vivid in your mind. From the “Fresh Prince of BelAir” to Nirvana, it was an entertaining decade. You never know what you’ll find, from clips of Michael Jackson healing the world to the Jets versus Colts.

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It doesn’t feel like the 2000s started 20 years ago, does it? As 2021 comes to a close, it’s a sad reminder of how far away the year 2000 really is. Take a walk into Britney Spears’ sister’s Nickoldean career or grab a glass of wine and enjoy a clip of “Desperate Housewives” from 2005.

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