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Google TV just made it easy to find exactly what you want to watch

When Netflix started its live streaming service, it was revolutionary. Gone were the days of Blockbuster and getting DVDs in the mail. Now everything was at your fingertips. Tap or click here for seven Netflix hacks you’ll use all the time.

The excitement went up a level when Netflix launched its personalized recommendation feature, using algorithms to suggest new shows and movies that you might be interested in watching. Since then, every major service has followed suit and even offered individual profiles, so your recommendations were exclusive to you.

Well, if you were a Google TV fan and mildly frustrated about the lack of options, it’s time to rejoice. Google TV just made it easy to find what you want to watch. Read on to learn about its new features and what they offer you.

Personalized Profiles

The most prominent new feature is the ability to add multiple user profiles. It surprisingly took forever, but it’s finally here. Now you can create personalized profiles for everyone in your family, so your recommendations are exactly that, yours.

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Setting them up is user-friendly as well. Simply click add account to create a new profile when you log in. If you need to remove a profile when a roommate moves out, head to manage accounts on the home screen to remove them.

If you have little ones in your family and want to keep them from stumbling upon adult content, there’s an option to create a kids’ profile as well.

Personalized watchlists

If you are a fan of recommendations from friends and family, this new feature might come in handy. If you like a show or want to watch something later, you can now add it to your personalized watch list.

Each profile will have a watchlist, so you know each saved option is for that profile. You can also save items to your watchlist directly from personalized recommendations in your profile, making it easier to know what to watch later.

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Google Assistant to the rescue

If you love Fire TV’s personalized Alexa service, you’ll be thrilled that Google Assistant can do the same thing for you with Google TV. Use Google Assistant to get recommendations by asking, “What should I watch?” and it will bring up recommendations in record time.

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