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Switching to an antenna? Check this free website to find local HD channels

Fuel prices are up. Grocery prices are up. The economy isn’t doing so great, and it helps to trim expenses wherever you can. You can start with your TV watching habits.

How much live TV do you actually watch? Are you more focused on streaming or perhaps the basic channels? If so, you can ditch cable and switch to an antenna to get local channels and more for free. Tap or click here to see the difference between an indoor and outdoor antenna.

You don’t need to sacrifice picture quality when using an antenna. You can catch HD content if you know where to look. And we found a site that does the searching for you.

See what’s out there

All major networks broadcast signals in HD. Your antenna can pick up these HD channels if you know where to look. It’s not always easy. Or is it? We found a solution at

Just go to the site and enter your ZIP code on the right side of the page. You can also enter your address, but it’s not mandatory to use the site. Click the magnifying glass and you’ll get a list of free live TV Channels in HD for your area.

Each channel entry shows its signal strength, and you can sort them by most popular or view all the channels at once.

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