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5 things to know before canceling streaming services

Not so pleased with Netflix’s selection of movies? Looking to kick Hulu to the curb because the service nixed your favorite show? It may be time to go on a canceling spree.

There are several reasons you may want to cancel a few streaming services, which is why it’s important to carefully decide which is right for you in the first place. Tap or click here to see which streaming service is better.

Before you pull the plug, be sure to consider the following points. You want to make sure you’re making an educated decision, after all. Here are five things to know before you cancel.

1. You could be spending much more than you realize

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Nowadays, there are so many streaming services that you pay a huge premium when you subscribe to every platform that catches your eye. You may start out with one or two subs, but they can quickly accumulate, resulting in you spending a lot more than you did for your old cable service.

The only logical solution? Canceling services. But before you do, make sure you know the value of what you’re getting and which ones you’d like to keep. Tap or click here to check out 9 streaming service pro tips to save money.

2. Check your billing date before you cancel

When is your next payment due? Make sure to cancel just before you have to pay, otherwise, you’re sabotaging yourself out of weeks of pre-paid content. Some platforms, like Netflix, tell you upfront how much longer you have access to your account when you request to close it, but some don’t.

3. Use your computer to cancel your subscriptions

If you’re going to cancel a streaming service, do so from your computer. It’s often a simpler process to hop on your PC than it is trying to search on your phone.

It can be frustrating trying to search through mobile sites, many of which are engineered to make it harder to adjust settings or cancel from. So save yourself the trouble and use a PC.

4. You can always go back

Canceling a streaming service doesn’t have to be forever. Just because you decide you no longer want to use it now doesn’t mean you can’t reactivate in the future. In fact, knowing Netflix and the rest of its ilk, you’ll probably get a ton of offers reminding you that you can come back at any time.

When you can afford it, or if there’s new content you’ve been waiting to watch, simply reactivate your account without fear of fees or penalties. But remember to tap or click here to see the biggest mistake people make when signing up for streaming services.

5. Take advantage of special offers

In this day and age, it’s still very possible to pick up the phone and call the customer service department of whatever streaming service you’re planning to cancel. Though it isn’t as convenient as using your computer, by calling you can be offered special discounts or deals to remain a member.

Plus, some streaming sites will email special offers to you a few months after canceling. If the service is one you enjoy, but not enough to pay for, take advantage of the free trails to return or discounted subscriptions.

BONUS: How to cancel your streaming services

Whether you’re using Netflix, Hulu, AT&T TV Now, YouTube TV, Sling, Amazon Prime or even HBO NOW, canceling the streaming services you’re no longer using is a cinch.

It can be difficult to find the exact links you need to put an end to the services you’re ready to cancel, but we’ve got your back. Here’s where you need to go to cancel these popular platforms:

Now that you’ve canceled the streaming services you’re no longer using, you’ll probably be looking for a good alternative that won’t drain your bank account. Tap or click here to check out 5 sites to get free TV without any streaming costs. Enjoy your free shows!

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