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Hotel TV tips
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3 clever ways to use your hotel or rental’s TV

We can recommend many travel tips, including using the hotel’s safe, bringing an emergency door-stopper and blocking the peephole in your room. Tap or click here for five clever tech steps before you hit the road.

But how many travel tips do you know that focus on the hotel TV? These devices are notorious for being expensive ways to relax between outings. The good news is they can be so much more than that.

Keep reading for three life hacks that can help you use your hotel room’s TV to the fullest possible extent.

1. Ditch your wall charger

Have you ever brought a charging cable for your phone while traveling but forgot the charging block? Without the block, you’re out of luck. Until now. If your hotel has a smart TV, you can plug your charging cable into its USB port and use it to charge your device.

Desk-mounted charging ports are becoming increasingly common, but the TV and lamps in the room are also just as likely to feature this extremely convenient consideration. One less thing to pack, right?

2. Keep your login info to yourself

Never use hotel equipment to log into any streaming, social media or bank accounts. It’s probably one of the most critical travel tips on this list.

Your room’s TV may be as risky as the computers used in the lobby. Never sign into a streaming service through an app on a hotel or rental room’s TV. Your information may be compromised, and you might give subsequent guests access to your accounts and in-app purchases.

One way to stay entertained is to stream directly from your phone, laptop or other devices. Some hotel chains may place limitations such as HDMI port blockers or software that limits the ways you can use the TV, but this won’t always be an issue. Make sure to bring an HDMI cable to connect your device to the TV.

3. Safer ways to stream

The easiest way to watch your streaming services on a hotel TV is to bring a streaming device, like a Chromecast or Fire TV Stick. This way, you can use your services without signing into a device that doesn’t travel with you. Tap or click here for details on how to do it.

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