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The best places to mount your TV

With the invention of the flat screen TV, came the concept of making your TV part of your wall decor. The idea that a...
Tips July 21, 2018

10 clever Gmail settings that will fix your inbox once and for all

Gmail is available in 74 different languages and offers plenty of features that are meant to give you plenty of control over what you...
Tips July 21, 2018

Choose the best HDTV antenna for you

A long time ago, antennas were a pretty simple proposition, but now you have to sift through a variety of options and styles. You...
Tips July 13, 2018

6 success stories to inspire your remote job search

You don’t just have to dream about a work-life balance. You can have it. Not every job requires you to show up at a...
Tips July 9, 2018

Top reasons why your computer is running slow

If you've ever owned a computer (who doesn't?), you've probably encountered this one time or another - a PC that seems to slow down...
Tips July 7, 2018

20 incredibly useful Google products and services you didn't know existed

You know Google. Everyone knows Google. In fact, Google is so popular that "Google" has become synonymous with web searches. But the number of...
Tips July 7, 2018

Everyday essential shortcuts for your Android

Your Android can adeptly make calls, send text messages, check emails, change settings, download apps and everything in between. Sure, having the right know-how...
Tips July 3, 2018

How to start your own podcast

So you want to start a podcast. You probably already have some favorite podcasts. Maybe you like the podcast versions of your favorite sports...
Tips June 29, 2018

5 summer safety tips to stay safe from burglars

Summer is known as vacation time, but did you know that it's also the peak season for burglars? If you're going to be away...
Tips June 27, 2018

Take perfect Fourth of July pictures

Independence Day is a great time to break out the camera. Here's how to take the best fireworks shots.
Tips June 26, 2018

1 trick to make your TV sound better

When you’re watching TV, it’s frustrating when you have to deal with inconsistent sound quality. This can manifest as dialogue that’s too low to...
Tips June 25, 2018

5 reasons you'll love Amazon's Alexa

If you haven't joined the universe of smart speakers, it's about time that you do. Amazon's smart speakers feature the popular voice assistant, “Alexa.”...
Tips June 21, 2018

Secret way to lower your healthcare costs

For most people, conversations about our health only come up when something is wrong. Otherwise, insurance is something we understand to be very expensive...
Tips June 15, 2018

Sponsored: 3 rosé recipes to kick off summer

Often the wine world is divided up into reds and whites, but the universe of vino is anything but monochrome. Rosés are blushing wines...
Tips June 13, 2018

Customize swipes in Gmail Android app

Google is finally taking a swipe at upgrading some of the outdated features in its Gmail Android app. One extremely handy new feature lets...
Tips June 12, 2018

Sponsored: Experience the biggest sound you've ever heard

I'm sure you know all about this common complaint with flatscreen TVs. In one scene, the dialogue sound is so squeaky quiet that you...
Tips June 11, 2018

One essential thing you must do with your digital life before it's too late

Many of our experiences are kept and shared online through social media sites like Facebook, our email accounts, and in photo archives like Google...
Tips June 8, 2018

Sponsored: A fun thing I like to do with my family

Finding quality time to spend with my family can be a real challenge sometimes. I'm busy running my own company, so when I find...
Tips June 6, 2018

5 annoying Android problems and how to fix them

Android smartphones rival Apple iPhones in the countless apps you can use, including cameras, messengers for chatting, social networks like Facebook and many more....
Tips June 5, 2018

Sponsored: 5 great tips for RV newbies

RVs are exciting and they come with some new challenges, ranging from finding the right RV to getting comfortable with driving your home-on-the-road. This...
Tips June 3, 2018
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