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5 smartphone apps that might be spying on you

Spy apps may have been designed so that parents can watch over their kids, but that's not where it stops. These sneaky apps can...
Tips July 19, 2018

One clear sign your Android has a virus

It's not just your computer that can get nasty viruses. Hackers work day and night to figure out ways to break into your Android...
Tips July 17, 2018

How to find out what apps you've purchased

If you own an iPhone or iPad, there's a good chance you have visited the App Store quite a few times. There is pretty...
Tips July 16, 2018

The most popular iOS apps ever

One thing that makes smartphones great is the abundance of apps that are available. It's been a decade since the first iPhone. That means...
Tips July 9, 2018

Everyday essential shortcuts for your Android

Your Android can adeptly make calls, send text messages, check emails, change settings, download apps and everything in between. Sure, having the right know-how...
Tips July 3, 2018

Take perfect Fourth of July pictures

Independence Day is a great time to break out the camera. Here's how to take the best fireworks shots.
Tips June 26, 2018

Your iPhone is secretly mapping you, here's how to stop it

At this point, the idea of privacy in our digital world seems like, at best, a farce. Really, as we continue to learn about...
Tips June 25, 2018

10 best smartphones in the world

Picking the right smartphone can be a challenge. With hundreds of options and models available on the market, making a decision can be tough....
Tips June 20, 2018

Does your Android phone get a regular security update?

Whether it is for performance reasons, to get new features or just make sure the phone's security is as tight as it can be,...
Tips June 19, 2018

How to use Find my iPhone to find a lost or stolen phone

Nobody wants to experience that sinking feeling when you can’t find your iPhone. Maybe you set it down someplace odd. Maybe you left it...
Tips June 19, 2018

5 clever ways to immediately lower your cellphone bill

I'm sure that you've noticed how expensive it is to purchase a new smartphone these days. Especially if you're looking to get the latest...
Tips June 16, 2018

Customize swipes in Gmail Android app

Google is finally taking a swipe at upgrading some of the outdated features in its Gmail Android app. One extremely handy new feature lets...
Tips June 12, 2018

How to download podcasts without overloading your phone

Podcasts are excellent ways to follow topics that matter to you, whether you love getting the scoop on newsworthy events or learning a new...
Tips June 9, 2018

9 clever ways to cut down on screen time and get your life back

If you added up all the minutes and hours every day you spend staring at a smartphone, tablet, computer monitor, or television set, you...
Tips June 9, 2018

14 apps everyone should have on their phone

When you think about it, there are few limits on what a phone can actually do. If a developer can create it, we could...
Tips June 7, 2018

5 annoying Android problems and how to fix them

Android smartphones rival Apple iPhones in the countless apps you can use, including cameras, messengers for chatting, social networks like Facebook and many more....
Tips June 5, 2018

The 13 most useful features in iOS 11

Apple just released iOS 11.4. We've highlighted 13 features and improvements on iOS 11 that will save you time and make your iPhone even...
Tips June 5, 2018

15 tech freebies you wish you knew about sooner

When was the last time you bought a computer program? If it's been a while, you won't believe how expensive they can be. Fortunately,...
Tips June 2, 2018

Best iPhone charging cables on the market

Imagine trying to make an important business call and your iPhone runs out of juice. You look around and can't find the charger, or...
Tips June 1, 2018

Sponsored: 5 clever ways to use phone’s camera like a DSLR

A smartphone camera and a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera are two very different animals. One is compact. The other is big and can...
Tips May 30, 2018
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