Privacy in Tips

3 easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you

Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? It's eerie! And if you've been around any of these items lately, there's a...
Tips November 23, 2017

Stop online advertisers from tracking you

Tired of advertisers tracking you online? Here's how put a stop to their invasion of your privacy.
Tips November 20, 2017

10 types of spy cameras that could be watching you now, #6 is shocking

Spy cams are hidden all around you and you'd never know it. You won't believe how clever hidden cameras are. Some even look like...
Tips November 19, 2017

One way to stop Facebook from tracking you and serving you creepy ads

Whenever you use Facebook, does it seem like it's somehow been spying on you? An ad shows up for the watch you were just...
Tips November 15, 2017

3 Amazon Echo privacy settings you should turn on now

The Amazon Echo pioneered the whole smart speaker category of gadgets and they opened our eyes (and ears) to what an always-on, always-listening appliance...
Tips November 9, 2017

How to safely delete data forever on your PC or Mac

When you delete a file on your PC, or on a Mac, by sending it to the "Trash," do you think it's gone forever?...
Tips November 4, 2017

Windows 10's new privacy feature you need to start using now

Microsoft has taken a lot of flak for overstepping its boundaries when it comes to your privacy with Windows 10. But now, the company...
Tips October 31, 2017

Best way to protect yourself from hackers, scammers and snoops

Keep hackers away from your accounts on major sites with this one trick. You won't believe how easy it is.
Tips October 25, 2017

Sponsored: See how IDrive puts your data security first!

Just imagine all your private files that can be accessed if one of your backup services ever gets breached! That's where IDrive comes in....
Tips October 18, 2017

Facebook’s scary profile of what they track about you. Here’s how to see it

Facebook might know you better than you do. The social media network tracks you so thoroughly and so often that they've collected an abundance...
Tips October 17, 2017

Slow Wi-Fi? Check for thieves and bandwidth bandits

Internet problems? The issue could be with your service provider or maybe your router is running slow and a simple reboot could fix it....
Tips October 14, 2017

3 ways to craft great passwords based on new research

It's so frustrating to be stopped midstream during the workday to reset passwords. It's worse when you're in a rush and all of a...
Tips October 10, 2017

Best nanny cams to watch the kids

There's nothing more important than the safety of a child. With so many dangers out in the real world, it's extremely important to keep...
Tips October 8, 2017

Facebook’s secret setting they don’t want you to know but I’ll tell you

Have you ever gone to a website like Amazon, searched for a specific item like wireless earbuds and then the next time you're on...
Tips October 8, 2017

How to see if your apps are spying on you

When you sign up for a new app, you can often use credentials from social media to automatically log in. That's scary because the...
Tips October 6, 2017

How to unsend an email

Have you ever sent an email you wish you could take back? These services help you "unsend" email.
Tips October 2, 2017

3 free firewalls to keep the hackers out

In case you're not sure what a firewall is, it is basically your system's gatekeeper that will monitor outgoing and incoming data and block...
Tips September 28, 2017

Is Google tracking everywhere you go? Check these settings

It's great to have a virtual assistant in your pocket. When you need the help, it's a relief to turn on your smartphone to...
Tips September 26, 2017

How to listen to and delete everything you've ever said to Google

Google's "OK Google" voice-activated assistant is helpful, but its also storing everything you ask. Here's now to stop it.
Tips September 24, 2017

The security setting to always turn on

You've been hearing a lot about the dangers lurking in the digital world. You see headlines that scream, "ransomware," "hackers," "scams," "ID theft" and...
Tips September 23, 2017