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AI’s human voices sound a little too real for many

Do you book appointments by phone because you prefer to speak to a real human? Well, you’ve probably noticed by now, most “real humans”...
Tips July 14, 2018

Top 5 reasons to use this Cloud service

There are tons of threats out there that can wipe your devices, or leave your files inaccessible when you need them. Some of these...
Tips July 13, 2018

How to pick the best printer for your money

Whether you print hundreds of pages each month or just a few projects here and there, you need a reliable printer. But not all...
Tips July 3, 2018

How to make text larger on your phone, tablet and computer

All of us struggle with this, no matter your age. It's difficult to read small print, isn't it? Good news. We've got simple, step-by-step...
Tips July 3, 2018

I trust this tech support company, you should too!

Dealing with a malfunctioning computer is extremely frustrating. A number of issues, such as a virus or spyware, could lead to your computer running...
Tips June 26, 2018

How the Epson EcoTank stacks up against traditional printers

Having a printer at home is a great thing because of the freedom and options it provides. Whether you run a business out of...
Tips June 20, 2018

15 tech freebies you wish you knew about sooner

When was the last time you bought a computer program? If it's been a while, you won't believe how expensive they can be. Fortunately,...
Tips June 2, 2018

10 incredibly useful ways to use a USB drive you didn't know

Are you sitting at your desk? Go ahead, reach down, and open your desk drawer. You know the one. It’s the drawer that holds...
Tips May 31, 2018

8 reasons you should buy Apple's most basic iPad instead of an iPad Pro

The iPad is one of the most iconic Apple gadgets on the market and everyone was excited about the latest changes. With competition from...
Tips May 28, 2018

Beam texts and photos from your phone to your desktop

As great as our phones are, the drawback many have is that the screens are just not that big. So while they are fine...
Tips May 17, 2018

Sponsored: Print documents and images remotely from wherever you are

These days, you can work from anywhere, although there are still limits. You have a home office with an internet connection to get quite...
Tips May 14, 2018

Windows vs Mac vs Chrome

You've been wondering for years whether your should be using the Windows operating system or MacOS. Now, you have to add Google's Chrome OS...
Tips May 7, 2018

5 easy tips for better computer security

You've heard the horror stories about hackers stealing innocent people's IDs, Social Security numbers and tax refunds. You've probably heard that hackers steal billions...
Tips May 4, 2018

Test your firewall to make sure it’s working

Your firewall is an essential tool that keeps hackers from seeing your computer online. Even if they know your computer's location and IP address,...
Tips May 3, 2018

SPONSORED: Best graduation gift every student will use

Your children and grandkids are even busier than you, it seems. They've got school assignments to print out, college applications to complete, job interviews...
Tips April 29, 2018

Sponsored: Best home office and family printers that will save money

If you're like most people, your printer is an afterthought. In fact, yours may have been free with your laptop purchase and, well, you...
Tips April 22, 2018

You're missing out on what Google can really do

What does Google mean to you? Maybe it’s just how you search the internet. Maybe Google Docs is your main word processing program. Maybe...
Tips April 18, 2018

How to track an Android phone

The cost of replacing your gadget is just one reason you don't want to lose it. But there's an even more important reason you...
Tips April 15, 2018

Ride share gadgets that will get you 5 star reviews

Have you ever used a ride sharing service, like Uber or Lyft? They can be very convenient and affordable if you need to get...
Tips April 14, 2018

How to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10

Microsoft has made an admirable attempt at updating its Windows 10 operating system the past few years, and with some good results. Unfortunately, you...
Tips April 12, 2018
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