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Protect yourself from online scams with this cloud backup service

How much personal information do you have on your home computer? I'm guessing it's quite a bit. Whether it be financial information, personal data,...
Tips January 13, 2019

7 search sites to use other than Google

"Just Google it" has become a common expression. It shows just how much Google has become part of the lexicon when it comes to...
Tips January 12, 2019

Make sure your wireless camera is secure

Wireless cameras are supposed to make us feel safe and secure in our homes, but what happens when they do the opposite? Recently, an...
Tips January 2, 2019

Make security your New Year's resolution

In 2018, we saw online scammers and hackers become more and more successful. It seemed like every day we were talking about another data...
Tips January 1, 2019

Keep your home safe this winter

Winter months can bring some serious challenges for homeowners. Icy driveways and walkways, and frozen pipes and power lines can cause a lot of...
Tips December 30, 2018

Guard your privacy with this total internet security system

Looking to take the guesswork out of keeping you and your family safe online? Here's how F-Secure TOTAL can simplify online security.
Tips December 26, 2018

How to find everything Microsoft knows about you

We’ve told you how to find out what Facebook and Google know about you, but what about Microsoft? You may have a lot more...
Tips December 25, 2018

Affordable internet security for all of your devices

If you have been paying attention to me for any amount of time, then you are well aware that it's only a matter of...
Tips December 9, 2018

One thing you need to do now to protect your online accounts and cellphone number

With schemes like SIM card swaps and cellphone porting scams, criminals can take over your phone number. Even two-factor authentication isn't always enough to...
Tips December 8, 2018

Free hacking tools are targeting you

This year has been one of the worst when it comes to hacking, and it doesn't seem like it will be slowing down any...
Tips December 5, 2018
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