Fraud/Security/Privacy in Tips

Set up your own personal VPN

Hackers have a ton of tools to get your personal information. They can use social media, emails, fraudulent websites and so much more to...
Tips November 17, 2018

Protect yourself from online scams with this cloud backup service

How much personal information do you have on your home computer? I'm guessing it's quite a bit. Whether it be financial information, personal data,...
Tips November 17, 2018

Guard your privacy with this total internet security system

Looking to take the guesswork out of keeping you and your family safe online? Here's how F-Secure TOTAL can simplify online security.
Tips November 11, 2018

How to use Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control your security system

If you subscribe to our sponsor SimpliSafe's security service, you can automate its performance with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant -- here's how you...
Tips November 7, 2018

Set up your financial accounts like you're going to be hacked

One of the most important things we need to protect in this digital day and age is our financial accounts. That means bank accounts,...
Tips October 27, 2018

3 security programs that should be on every computer or laptop

The digital world can be a scary place. There are cybercriminals from every corner of the world looking to steal our credentials, rip us...
Tips October 23, 2018

Top 5 reasons to use this Cloud service

There are tons of threats out there that can wipe your devices, or leave your files inaccessible when you need them. Some of these...
Tips October 20, 2018

8 ways to protect yourself from a medical data breach

Living in a high-tech world where the minutia of our lives is digitized has a lot of consequences when it comes to our personal...
Tips October 17, 2018

iOS 12 security settings you need to change right now

With all the security features in iOS 12, there's no reason to have an unsecured phone. Here are some of the most important settings...
Tips October 15, 2018

Roam the internet securely with Microsoft Edge's hidden browser

Microsoft Edge has a hidden browser that allows you to roam the internet with less worry as it can protect you from malware and...
Tips October 13, 2018
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