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How to keep your home secure when you're away

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How to keep your home secure when you're away
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Ever wonder what really goes on at your front porch when you are away from home? You probably think that not much could happen when you go for a quick trip to the gym or to pick up your kids from school.  But you'll never really know if you don't monitor and take control of your privacy and security.

How many times has a stranger showed up to your door and turned your doorknob to check to see if the door was unlocked? Would you even notice if you were at home and they were very careful not to make a sound? If it was locked, chances are the lurker would return at another time to see if they could gain access. You probably already know that many homes that are burglarized are actually done without any forced signs of entry.

Unfortunately, these types of activities happen every day all across America.

The good news is that you can fight back against the bad guys with the right protection and tools like a video doorbell monitoring system. Protect your home and privacy with the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, the newest tool from the only home security system Kim uses and recommends.

Safely monitor suspicious activity from anywhere

Easy and simple to use, you can monitor the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro all from the palm of your hand on your smartphone or tablet — whether you're at the grocery store, the office and even right from your favorite lounge chair.

Let's say it’s your day off, and you’re immersed reading a good book with time slipping away as you get deep into the plot; then the doorbell rings. You get up, answer the door and discover it was just someone looking for the previous tenant.

Weekends and evenings were meant for relaxing so let’s keep it that way. You can talk to visitors and guests with the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro straight from your smartphone so there is really no need for you to get up in order to answer the door or see who is out front. This means you can quickly talk to guests without putting a wrench in your plans. Night or day you have control in the palm of your hand.

Easy to install no matter when your home was built

With some security systems, you have to worry about capability issues with your home, especially if your home was built before a certain year or was newly built. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to research all the specs to make sure it will be the best fit with your home. The great thing about the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro is that it takes less than 30 minutes to install and works with almost any type of home, regardless of when it was built. Home security should make your life easier, not more complicated.

Detects only people

The smart motion detector alerts you of only human activity with instant alerts. You can rest assured that while you are out at your yoga class, you won’t be getting alerts of the stray cat that’s hanging out on your front porch. This means you'll only get alerts that matter the most to you. The Doorbell Pro integrates seamlessly with your other SimpliSafe home monitors so if any sensor is triggered, all your monitors will begin recording automatically.

Take control of your home privacy and security with the convenience and ease of the SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro. Try risk-free and get SimpliSafe, the home security system that Kim uses and recommends, and receive free shipping, free returns, and 60-day money-back guaranteed.

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