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3 new iOS 13 features you're going to love

3 new iOS 13 features you're going to love
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Apple's highly anticipated new operating system, iOS 13, will be available on Sept. 19. Users will be pleasantly surprised by some of the features the new operating system offers.

Some changes are less about function than aesthetics. Others offer you enhanced security and time-saving tasks.

With this in mind, we've selected three iOS 13 features we think you are going to love.

1. Apple blindsides Facebook

One of the features of iOS 13 that we love is that it puts security in our hands when it comes to Facebook. We can now tell Facebook to pound sand and not follow us around anymore.

iOS 13 will give users the option of allowing location access in general to an app like Facebook, or only allow access when the app is actively being used. What this means to you is that you can change your security settings to allow Facebook to constantly know your location or only when you are using the app.

Better still, with iOS 13, you will receive notifications about when an app is using your location in the background and how many times it has accessed that information. Perhaps most chilling to Facebook is that the notifications on iOS 13 include a map of the location data an app has received, plus an explanation of why the app uses that type of information.

2. Siri, why do you sound different?

Siri gets very little respect in the virtual voice assistant world. One of the biggest complaints is how unnatural Siri sounds compared with Alexa's dulcet tones.

iOS 13 has changed that up a bit. Now, Siri sounds a lot less like a robot. That's because Apple has given Siri a major text-to-speech overhaul that makes her voice sound more natural, but it's still not up to Alexa standards.

Another improvement is Siri's shortcuts are getting smarter with suggested routines.

3. A better way to enhance and organize photos

iOS 13 will continue to make us all better photographers, editors and curators. The Photos app makes it easier for us to change lighting effects, plus it adds many new editing effects for photos and videos.

That's great, especially when you want photos that make you look your best. But you know what's not great? How hard it can be for us to find the photos we want. iOS 13 takes care of that.

Using machine learning technology, Apple removes duplicates and clutter. You also now have tabs that help you sort photos by days, months and years. The feature is also smart enough to know what day it is and shows you photos from the same day in past years.

In fact, the software is smart enough to select good photos from meh ones. It does this by using a series of attributes ranging from lighting to whether someone is smiling.

These are just a few of the features iOS 13 has to offer. Whether you upgrade the system on your current iPhone or buy a new one, you'll be able to spend hours learning about all the new fun things your phone can do.

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