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Activate stealth mode: Keep your personal online information hidden with a VPN

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Activate stealth mode: Keep your personal online information hidden with a VPN
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Do you consider yourself a privacy-conscious person? Are you concerned about your online safety? Well, you're certainly not the only one.

The hard truth is that by surfing the web or marking any transactions online while on an unsecured network, you're exposing private info and buying habits for anyone to see. Just ask yourself, "is it really worth the risk?"

Thankfully, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a great tool for maintaining your privacy online. If you're ever out and about you should definitely use one.

Here are five ways a VPN can keep you concealed, private, and most of all, safe. Plus, we'll tell you all about Kim's personal and most trusted VPN service, ExpressVPN.

VPNs hide your IP address

As you may already know, your IP address is your computer's own unique address on the web. Think of it as a digital house number for your computer. Nice, right?

Well, maybe not so much. The troubling part for most is that all of your online browsing activity can be traced back to your IP address.

Hiding your IP address allows you to stay anonymous online, protect your identity, work around IP bans and access otherwise blocked websites. There are numerous ways for you to conceal your IP address while you're online, but your best option would be to use a VPN. Why?

Once connected to Wi-Fi your device receives a new IP address from the VPN provider. From here, all the traffic to and from your computer is re-routed through the VPN servers. So, your real IP address is concealed and protected from any prying eyes.

Hide your social media identity

Let's be honest, everyone loves social media. Unfortunately, so do hackers, but not for the same reasons that you do. In this digital age, information is the number one currency hackers and social media may as well be a goldmine.

This problem was basically non-existent in the early days of social media simply because not as many people were using these platforms. Naturally, as soon as more social media platforms emerged, more people started joining them.

Nowadays, you'd have to search far and wide until you found someone who didn't have multiple accounts spread across the social network. This is the perfect landscape for hackers to prowl and eventually pounce on their victims. The best thing users can do for themselves, in this case, is to get a VPN.

Keep your location hidden

If you're a regular consumer of online content, like most of us are, no doubt you've come across a few restrictions due to your location. An example would be services like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, which have geo-restricted content. Luckily, VPNs offer something called IP or Geo-spoofing.

Geo-spoofing does just what name suggests, which hides your geographical location based on the IP address that you use while you're online.

The VPN accomplishes two important goals here. First, it filters your internet data through its own server, which then changes your IP address so it appears that you're in a different location. Second, it encrypts your signal, making whatever you're doing online virtually impossible for anyone else to access.

You can also use IP or Geo-spoofing to your advantage if you're planning on taking a vacation. That's right. Use IP spoofing to shop the best available prices on airline tickets, hotels and more. See the prices and airfares change as you access a variety of VPN servers based out of different countries.

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Don't give away your online shopping habits

Buying stuff online is easy and often necessary to get the specific items that you want. Unfortunately, buying online can be quite revealing as well. Online shopping habits can tell us a lot about a person. Heck, it may as well be an open book to a person's life. This is why you may want to keep your online purchases more private from now on.

How? You guessed it, a VPN.

Acting as a tunnel between your computer and the websites that you shop on, a VPN has the ability to conceal what you purchase and who you purchase from. This prevents any annoying e-commerce sites from tracking your IP address and connecting it to your purchasing habits. It's also great for preventing companies from annoying you with unwanted ads as well.

Protect your personal data

This may sound familiar, as we've covered this base quite a bit in the past, but it's an important point to reiterate. Accessing public Wi-Fi, whether in a coffee shop, hotel lobby, or airport, is convenient and useful for users who want to go online and save their data. Unfortunately, there are some rather serious security threats that may be lurking around while you surf the web.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are a breeding ground for hackers and cyber attacks. These attackers use, or abuse, public Wi-Fi connections to steal private information and release harmful malware.

Specifically, if someone wants to check their bank accounts on an unsecured network, a potential hacker on the same network can steal the login/password info and therefore have access to the account themselves.

By accessing the internet through a VPN, you can keep all of your most sensitive/personal information private and more importantly, protected. The VPN encapsulates and encrypts all of your data, by acting as a private/hidden bridge, which grants you safe passage over unsecured networks and potentially dangerous public Wi-Fi.

Kim highly recommends ExpressVPN

Kim endorses ExpressVPN and she HIGHLY rates its service and commitment to its many users. She used it the entire time she was on her European Vacation earlier this summer and hasn't stopped raving about it. The service is fully capable of accomplishing every task listed above and a whole lot more. For those of you aren't too familiar with ExpressVPN, here's a little insight.

With over 3,000 servers spread across 94 cities in 160 countries, ExpressVPN guarantees each of its users, throughout the globe, private and safe travels as they navigate through the digital world. One of our favorite features of ExpressVPN is its ability to protect and direct internet traffic by utilizing its own DNS (Domain Name Service) server. This means its high-end encryption protocols can stop even the most sophisticated forms of attack or snoop.

ExpressVPN has earned some much-deserved praise from the online community for its lightning-fast speed as well. Clocking in with an Mbps connection, users can download at a speed of 83.15 Mbps. That's fast! This kind of speed is great for giving you quick access to services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much more. From personal protection to entertainment, ExpressVPN truly is the whole package.

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Your guide to setting up a VPN

Hackers have a ton of tools to get your personal information. They can use social media, emails, fraudulent websites and so much more to hack you and get whatever they want. There is good news, though. You can use your own set of tools to protect yourself. One of these tools is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. VPNs can make sure you are protected from a number of hacks, and they are relatively simple to set up. I can show you how with some simple steps.

Click or tap to set up your own VPN.

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