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Get your garage ready for Amazon Prime Day

Get your garage ready for Amazon Prime Day
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One of America's favorite holidays is coming up and online shoppers can't wait. Amazon Prime Day is vastly approaching and comes with a few adjustments from last year. The biggest being it will expand from one day to two, starting July 15 and ending July 16.

Even if people are near a computer and are able to shop all they want during the two-day period, they may find it difficult to be around when Amazon delivers a package. Fortunately, Amazon has an excellent new partnership with myQ Smart Home that will make getting your packages on time a breeze.

With Key by Amazon in-garage delivery, you will be able to have packages delivered inside your garage even if you aren't home.

How Key for Amazon works

The Key for Amazon app is available through the Apple App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

The first step to using the app is to purchase a myQ connected garage door opener. This special opener isn't like the typical button you press in your car when you pull into the driveway. It is smart technology that can be operated remotely with internet access.

The device is operated with the myQ app and comes equipped with great features to assure the smart door opener is being operated safely.

Once you download the myQ app, the next step is to then download the Key app and sync the two together. Once the two are compatible, you can now control who has access to your garage, or home if you prefer, and when you want to open doors.

The Key app, which is exclusive for prime members, will send you notification throughout the day to let you know the progress of your delivery. When the delivery driver arrives, you'll receive another notification letting you know they are there.

Use safely

The myQ smart garage door opener and the Amazon Key are both incredible pieces of technology that work excellent together. However, it is important you use both responsibly.

If you are using the applications, it would be smart to have a security cam also connected. Even the most trusting person should know who is coming into their home. You should also give a neighbor or friend a heads up that someone unfamiliar may be on your property for a bit of time.

At least then, if something goes wrong, you'll have someone close by to check up.

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