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Protect yourself on every device that's connected to the internet

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Protect yourself on every device that's connected to the internet
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How many computers and mobile devices are under your roof, on how many different platforms? There was a time when you only needed security for the one computer in your house, and it was either a Windows or a Macintosh.

It's fair to say things have changed, drastically. Today, you have desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Each on a different platform and in need of reliable protection.

This is where our sponsor, F-Secure SAFE, comes in. The award-winning internet security system provides users with an all-inclusive service that presents some of the best and most secure features available, for all of your devices. Here's how.

Protect your life on every device

With 30 years of experience in the business, F‑Secure SAFE is an internet security package that safeguards you from malicious threats like viruses, trojans, and ransomware. The service extends to the most important elements of your life such as online banking and your family/children.

Whether your devices are running on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, F-Secure SAFE offers complete protection for your online safety and privacy. With one subscription, you get internet security for all of your devices.

Key features that keep you safe

Virus and Ransomware protection

If you have ever been the victim of a virus, ransomware, phishing scam, or any other malicious online attack, you know the powerless and hopeless feeling that comes with it. There are a multitude of viruses/ransomware that grows by gaining access to your computer and mobile devices.

One of the most common delivery systems is phishing spam. These are attachments, delivered through email, that act as common files to download. Upon opening, they can take control of your entire system.

Other forms of ransomware, like NotPeya for example, take advantage of weak security spots to infect systems without the need for deception. Another common form of attack that has preyed on users recently has come to be known as, leakware/doxware. In this case, the attacker threatens to release sensitive material from your hard drive unless a hefty ransom is paid.

Fortunately, F-Secure SAFE program can put your mind at ease. The malware/ransomware protection is implemented automatically and guards the most commonly used folders on your C: drive, but you can customize it to protect any folders you choose.

SAFE can even shield you from new threats that may not even be on the virus radar yet, by using artificial intelligence called, DeepGuard. It closely inspects the behavior of files you download/open and obstructs them if they are giving off deceptive signals.


Banking online comes in handy no matter what you're doing; traveling, working, playing. It's convenient, accessible, and also a breeding ground for hackers and cyber attacks. These parasites go to great lengths to obtain login details in order to access your account, and their tactics are becoming more sophisticated and effective each year.

Mobile banking Trojans, keyloggers, and phishing scams are some of the more frequent schemes used to attack your accounts nowadays.

Take mobile apps for example. Banks offer apps that can be downloaded on your phone and allow you to access your account remotely, which is great. However, it's not hard for a hacker to create a perfect replica of a bank’s app and link it to a sketchy third-party site. Once downloaded, your username and password are sent directly to the hacker.

F-Secure SAFE preserves your online experience by implementing a multi-layered security protocol, with the Bank Protection program.

For online banking protection, there's a browser plugin that activates whenever you visit your bank's website. It automatically shuts down any other connections and programs that it may consider to be not secure while you're on a banking website so your data can't be leaked without your knowledge.


Phones get lost and they get stolen. We've all been there, and while we focus so much on protecting ourselves from cyber attacks, we often tend to forget about the most obvious threat of all. If you're worried about losing your phone, don't be, because F-Secure SAFE has a solution for that, too.

If you've lost your phone, you can log into your 'My F-Secure' account to find it. You can remotely lock or locate it by tracing its precise location or by sounding the alarm if it's in the vicinity. If your device is stolen, you can wipe any personal information or data that may be on it to avoid having your privacy invaded or exploited by thieves.

You can even locate your children's phones by using the finder feature. This comes in handy if your children get lost themselves.


Let's face it, children spend a lot of time online. There are those who would probably say too much time.

That's not to say the internet doesn't offer educational and creative tools for kids to learn from, but it comes with a dark side. Children who have unlimited and uncensored access to the internet are primary targets of pedophiles and predators of all kinds. You've probably heard stories and read tips, some of which have been published by us here at Komando.com.

Shielding children from dangers that exist across the world wide web is a point we can't stress enough. For a long while, we have been searching for an internet security partner that not only shares this belief but actually implements actions to stop it. We have found it, with our sponsor, F-Secure SAFE and it's Family Rules' feature.

Family Rules helps parents/guardians to create a healthy online environment for their children by implementing a set of tools. Content Blocking enables parents to decide what type of content they feel their child is old enough to view.

With App Control, parents can monitor which apps their children have installed and can have specific apps blocked, unlocked, or limited by time restriction. Time Limits allows parents to choose when it's time for kids to put down the phone or turn off the tablet.

Take control of your digital privacy now. Visit F-Secure.com/SAFE now and save 50% on your first year!

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