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Still saving files on your computer? That's so 2009. Here are 4 options for cloud-based storage (+1 for backup)

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Still saving files on your computer? That's so 2009. Here are 4 options for cloud-based storage (+1 for backup)

While saving files on your computer doesn't exactly make you a dinosaur, it does put you a bit behind the times and at a significant disadvantage when it comes to securing important files. Cloud-based storage has become the answer to protecting the content on your devices. It's all about flexibility and convenience.

By storing your data in a cloud storage system, you will be able to access that data remotely from any location that has an internet connection. This means no more carrying around a physical storage device or using the same computer to retrieve saved information.


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As expected, there are a variety of options available for cloud-storage services. Choosing the right one for you is a different story. Based on specific criteria such as, security, syncing, file sharing and easy usage, we filtered out four options for your consideration.

1. Sync

Sync.com is an online cloud storage provider scores rather well across the board when it comes to ease of use, file sharing, security, syncing and even price. It's very versatile. Sync has top-notch security protocols and comes with built in zero-knowledge encryption. It may be one of the most secure cloud storage services available.

Moreover, Sync offers excellent file sharing options and lives up to its name with advanced syncing capabilities. It also doesn't hurt that the price is affordable and offers plans for both personal and business use.

2. pCloud

This has proved to be a great service and earned a top spot among a handful of providers in terms of security and performance. PCloud has the ability to store files in a remote location so you can avoid losing them and sync/share them across your devices.

One of the most attractive features about pCloud is that it comes with up to 10 gigabytes of free storage right off the bat and offers lifetime plans that go up to as much as 2 terabytes. It checks the easy usage box as well by providing software that is simple to navigate and work with, no matter what level of experience. The only wrinkle lies in the encryption feature, or lack thereof. Zero knowledge encryption is not included in pCloud's system and must be bought separately. Other than that, it's worth considering.

3. Tresorit

For those who have safety and security at the top of their list when it comes to cloud storage, you can't do better than Tresorit. In fact, the name translates to "vault" in German. It comes with a built-in end-to-end encryption that acts as a gatekeeper for confidential documents/information and safeguards from unauthorized access. Only the owner may be granted guaranteed access.

Moreover, Tresorit encrypts every file across your devices before they are uploaded to the cloud by applying their advanced encryption standard algorithm. Your files will never be decrypted. The system includes zero-knowledge, and client-side integrity protection. Tresorit provides each file with a message authentication code, which guarantees that the content in your personal files cannot be tampered with or changed without you knowing about it, even if Tresorit's system is hacked.


Yet another service that excels in the security department. It's even been dubbed, "The Privacy Company." However, that's not all that they're known for. In addition to being one of the best zero-knowledge services, Mega prides itself on being easy to use and providing their users with the most enjoyable experience possible. It provides a massive amount of storage, which begins at 200 gigabytes and is scalable up to 8 terabytes. MEGA even offers a free plan that comes with 15 gigabytes of storage.

Furthermore, its design has been based around user controlled end-to-end encryption. With 100 million users and 40 billion encrypted files under their guard, it's fair to say that MEGA has made quite a splash in the cloud storage world.

BONUS: The best cloud-based backup

Look, we know that there are just some files that you cannot trust to the cloud, no matter how secure and encrypted the services may be. We get it. But you've got to back up those files, and for that, Kim recommends her trusted longtime sponsor, IDrive.

IDrive is a cloud-based backup service that helps you to securely back up your information across a wide range of devices. Essentially, they are a one-stop solution that protects all of your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices in a single account. Their versatile and user-friendly platform has made saving/recovering data easy for both small businesses and individuals.

So, with IDrive, your files still live on your smartphones, tablets and computers, but they're backed up in a secure, password-encrypted cloud-based environment. Should something go wrong with one of your devices, log into your IDrive account and restore your files. They walk you through it step-by-step.

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