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Wasabi’s Bottomless Cloud is going to change business forever

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You can learn more and even try it for free at Wasabi.com.
Wasabi’s Bottomless Cloud is going to change business forever
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Today there are about 10 zettabytes of data stored globally. By 2035, that will increase 100 times to over one yottabyte — that's larger than the number of stars in the visible universe.

That data will fuel the coming revolution in AI and machine learning, but only if we figure out how to make it affordable. For example, a fully autonomous vehicle will generate from 2 to 20 terabytes a day. That’s about 7.3 petabytes a year, clocking in at about 3.5 million dollars if it’s stored in a traditional cloud provided by Amazon.

Enter our sponsor Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, which plans to revolutionize the economics of data storage by creating a Bottomless Cloud that promises to do for data storage what companies like Skype did for the phone bill by lowering the cost of telecommunications to the point where none of us think twice about making long-distance phone calls.

In the same way that inexpensive telecommunications spurred globalization and new ways to communicate and collaborate across borders, the abundance of data is creating entirely new types of businesses. For companies such as Uber, Netflix and Nike Data is no longer a byproduct of a business; it is the business.

However, companies are being held hostage by expensive cloud data storage. Wasabi is making a huge dent in that by using a new generation of cloud storage technologies that slash the cost of data storage by 80% and increase data performance by up to 6 times that of Amazon’s cloud.

Want to know more? Read, or try it yourself for your business or your home, for free, go to Wasabi.com and sign up today.

The Bottomless Cloud is the next generation of data storage

Few things have been as important to the creation of new businesses as the cloud, which was supposed to make data storage as easy to use as electricity.

Unfortunately, most first generation cloud data storage solutions are still using old industrial-era business models for storage that are overly complicated, using multiple tiers of storage and even charging additional fees every time a piece of data is retrieved.

Wasabi’s Bottomless Cloud challenges the industrial era scarcity-driven mindset of these first generation cloud solutions that look at data storage as a cost that needs to be constrained. Imagine if instead data was a nearly infinite resource that can be mined to build entirely new sources of value and insight.

Inexpensive storage allows companies to use data as an asset that fuels growth, rather than a liability that has to be carefully curated in order to lower data storage costs. The irony is that carefully curated data that is deleted because it’s to expensive to store is infinitely less valuable to a business.

The value of data increases as its volume increases. Each existing piece of data is more valuable with each new piece of data added. That’s especially true for AI and machine learning, which are only as intelligent as the volume of data they have access to. Read on to find out why.

Be part of the Bottomless Cloud by going to Wasabi.com and signing up for a free trial today. Read on there or below to learn how the Bottomless Cloud affects technology development as well as data.

Machine learning, AI: technology development that benefits from the Bottomless Cloud

By 2100, there will be 10^21 (or one sextillion) computing devices. For perspective, that’s 100 times the grains of sand on the world’s beaches. These devices will consume and produce vast quantities of data. By 2035, vehicles alone will produce over 10 zettabytes of data annually. That’s as much data as exists in total today, and that’s just from cars. The cost to store all of the data needed to run a full autonomous vehicle using AI would be at least 10 times that of the vehicle.

So, how are companies like Waymo demonstrating driverless technology today? It’s easy to create a small fleet of driverless cars, especially if your Google and already have access to free storage. But trying to scale driverless technology to anything more than a curiosity needs a Bottomless Cloud that radically reduces the cost of data storage.

The Bottomless Cloud is an entirely new way to think about the value and the role of data in building tomorrow’s enterprise. We discussed above how the Bottomless Cloud changes the value of data; by making storage cheap, data becomes more collectable, and therefore more useful to companies and businesses. The focus of the value shifts from the amount it costs to keep the data, to the amount of information the data provides, because storage is much more affordable.

With less expensive data storage, technologies such as AI and machine learning finally become possible on a large scale.

In short, Wasabi and the Bottomless Cloud allow data-driven technologies like AI and machine learning to develop exponentially by making data storage more affordable. Be part of the AI revolution by going to Wasabi.com, and learning more about how businesses develop thanks to the Bottomless Cloud.

The Bottomless Cloud is the foundation of innovation

In the same way that limitless electric power ushered in 100 years of new industries and innovation, the Bottomless Cloud and near zero storage costs will spur new business models and a new age of innovation that we have only started to imagine. Having affordable but reliable and fast data storage catapults a company far ahead of its competition by allowing it to invest in its core business rather than data storage.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that data-driven businesses, and those that use AI and machine learning technologies, will set the bar for their industries by redefining the future value of data rather than being anchored to the past by its high cost. Their ability to understand and serve their customers will be amplified through access to vast troves of behavioral data. They will be able to identify new trends and predict markets based on vast quantities of data about their marketplace and partners. And the will ultimately be able to deliver new value that will leave data burdened competitors in the dust.

It’s impossible to list all of the new technologies or industries that will emerge from affordable and fast data storage, but it’s already clear that the competitive mandate is on; embrace the abundance of data and harness its power, or be left behind clinging to industrial age thinking that still thinks data is a scarce resource to be minimized.

Data is the competitive battlefield of the future. It’s not a byproduct of a business, it is the business. Storing, managing, and accessing it affordably and reliably is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Wasabi is the first in a new generation of cloud data storage providers that are offering a fast and affordable way to store all of your data in the cloud. Their Bottomless Cloud technology allows businesses to transform their data from a commodity into a strategic weapon by making data storage affordable, fast, and secure.

Be part of the data, tech, and business revolution and go to Wasabi.com to start a trial of the Bottomless Cloud for free. The Bottomless Cloud is changing the world already, so become a part of it at Wasabi.com today.

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Data continues to grow and grow. By the year 2035, there will be 10 zettabytes of it, and while that seems astronomical we will have to find a way to store it all. This innovative storage solution might just be the answer to that problem. It uses unique cloud-based technology to store that large amount of data, and you can start using it for your business today.

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