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5 secrets to get the most out of your dashcam, from settings to storage

5 secrets to get the most out of your dashcam, from settings to storage

Dashcams provide a variety of benefits for drivers, from reduced insurance premiums to evidence when you are in an accident and are not at fault. Dashcams can be installed on vehicles for new drivers to promote safe driving and can provide proof of vandalism or hit-and-run incidents when you are away from the vehicle. If you’ve finally decided to take the leap and purchase a dashcam, you may be wondering how to make the most of it.

A dashcam won’t do you much good if it isn’t positioned correctly. Even worse, if the recording can’t be properly saved, the entire purpose of the dashcam is diminished. Most dashcams come with a variety of settings, features, and adjustments, some of which are particularly important.

The initial set up of your dashcam shouldn’t require a great deal of effort, but it’s important to know what to focus on most. Rather than simply plopping the device on your dash and waiting for the worst moment to discover an issue, these 5 secrets will help you get your money’s worth out of your new dashcam.

Start with storage

Before you begin recording, take the time to ensure that you have the right SD card for your dashcam. HD dashcams require an SD capacity of at least 64GB. The rating of the SD card is also an important factor. While class 4 cards work well for still images, a faster card, like a class 10, is required for storing HD video.

Positioning is key

When determining where to place your dashcam, you’ll, of course, want to consider the view, but there are a few less obvious factors to consider as well. Factor in the size of the windshield, the length of the power cable, and the angle of the dashcam.

Of course, it goes without saying, keeping your windshield clean will also be key.

Pick your settings

Within your dashcam’s settings, you should be able to select your video duration and resolution. Time-lapse is also a feature that may be beneficial as well. It frees up space on your SD card by storing important videos and re-writing over video footage deemed unimportant, standard recording.

Your dashcam settings may even allow you to enter your vehicle information or GPS data. This means that the video playback can include this information in the case of an incident.

Turn on the G-Sensor

One of the best times to have a dashcam is when an accident or incident occurs, and the G-Sensor feature is an absolute must for this purpose. With gyroscopic sensors, a recording of an accident can be saved to memory automatically. Chances are, if you’ve just been in an accident, your first thought won’t be to save your dashcam recording.

Hardwire your device

While many dashcams offer the option to power your device through a cigarette lighter socket or a USB battery, the best option is going to be to hardwire your device to your vehicle’s battery. Most likely, this will require professional installation, but it’s well worth it to ensure the best possible results.

Don’t have a dashcam yet?

If you haven’t purchased a dashcam yet, check out the Komando Dash Cam. With the new night vision feature, this is the only dash cam in the world that can record really clear video at night. The cam also features a warning when you drift into another lane or are at risk of a forward collision as well as a wide angle lens to capture even more.

Pick one up at the Komando Shop and protect your vehicle.

Komando Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision

Komando Dash Cam Pro with Night Vision

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Dashcam video captures wrong way collision

What would you do if you saw a car hurtling toward you at top speed? That's what happened to one driver who encountered a wrong-way driver on the interstate. You have to watch this video and see how a dashcam was used to help prove which driver was at fault.

Click to see what this dash cam captured! 

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