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Transform your business data storage solutions

Wasabi - Hot Cloud Storage
Presented by Wasabi - Hot Cloud Storage
Wasabi hot cloud storage allows businesses to transform their data from a commodity into a strategic competitive weapon by enabling them to keep all of their data affordably and giving them immediate access to their own data. You can learn more and even try it for free at Wasabi.com.
Transform your business data storage solutions

Think about how much your average household hard drive can hold – a few terabytes, perhaps? Consider the cost of an average 1TB drive (which would hold nearly 1,500 CDs), and realize that the world is quickly adding up data at an astronomical rate. In just seven years, the world will have generated over 163 zettabytes of it, in fact, or 160 trillion gigabytes. By way of comparison, 1 zettabyte is the equivalent of 1 billion terabytes.

As business needs for data storage continue to increase, it is more apparent than ever that a scalable and secure data storage solution is an absolute must for any business. Reliable storage solutions for company data can get expensive, and hard drives can fail. What can we do in a world where we're generating more data than we can reliably hold with current tech?

Our sponsor Wasabi Technologies has a solution with Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage: Enterprise cloud storage that goes above and beyond the call of duty for your business needs. At pricing that's up to 80% cheaper and in the hands of experts who eat, sleep, and breathe cloud storage, it's the obvious choice for any business looking to cut costs and future-proof their data.

If you're outgrowing your storage solution, it's time to think about moving over to Wasabi.

Wasabi Hot Storage is here for all your business needs

Wasabi is looking to shake up how you view enterprise cloud storage solutions. It's up to 80% cheaper and up to 6 times faster than the competition, and offers "11 nines" of durability and reliability, which Wasabi notes that essentially means the likelihood of experiencing data loss is quite low in your lifetime. When's the last time a cloud storage company could give you an assurance like that?

Traditional data centers just aren't cutting it anymore. According to industry leading market research firm, Gartner Group, by 2025, 80% of businesses will have shut them down, in fact, versus 10% today. It's not all related to hardware failure, either – while that's still a very real possibility, two-thirds of all data loss actually has nothing to do with it.

The real issues are human error, virus, bugs, and individuals acting maliciously. So while you can absolutely still have problems arise with cloud storage, Wasabi has introduced a groundbreaking way beyond it: the idea of the "immutable bucket."

The immutable bucket is storage that cannot be modified or erased by anyone – not by Wasabi, or any outside forces. Once written, it's there for good until the hold time you choose for the data has expired. If someone attempts to erase it or modify it, an error message will pop up, making Wasabi's cloud storage solution effectively safer and more secure than any of the competition, and this is just one reason why!

Why choose Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage?

With companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in business, why would you opt for a smaller company that's been in the game for fewer years? Wouldn't it make more sense to stick with a trusted name? Not necessarily.

The reason you might switch is quite simple: Wasabi is adopting newer and more reliable cloud storage methods, while the Big Three and the rest of the competition consistently rely on last-generation technology.

Founded by industry storage legends David Friend and Jeff Flowers, the company's revolutionary tech was built from the ground-up incorporating their knowledge of the cloud space. The pair founded Cloud backup market leader Carbonite, and bring their extensive experience to the table with Wasabi. Storage is their business, and as such their beliefs and ambitions support a world that's well-equipped for rapidly-escalating cloud storage needs. Friend and Flowers believe that progress depends on cloud storage being a utility rather than a luxury, and the world should have fast, affordable storage available in an endless supply.

There's also the issue of saving money. Going with companies like Microsoft or Amazon will almost always result in spending thousands that you just don't need. Wasabi has a complete understanding of all things enterprise and thus doesn't charge frustrating egress fees.

Data egress refers to data leaving a network to an external location, such as outbound email, cloud uploads, or files being moved to external storage. You could end up paying thousands in fees to Wasabi's competition, but none here. Since companies have no idea at the beginning of the year how much access is required for their storage, they aren't able to budget for it, leading to massive surprise bills when it's time to pay up.

Try Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage today

Think back to our terabyte example with your home storage. That's how much free data you can test with Wasabi's free 30-day trial, with no credit card required. Try out the service yourself and see how it lives up to your expectations, because when it comes to your business, nothing but the best will do.

If you're looking to operate your business as cost-effectively and as efficiently as you can, consider making the change to a solution that has you at the forefront of its long-term plans. Wasabi is changing the game, so don't get left behind with antiquated storage.

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