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5 apps that free up space on your iPhone

5 apps that free up space on your iPhone

Apple’s iPhones are powerful portable devices, but there can be some limitations. Processing power, storage, and the amount of data on your cellphone plan can all make you think twice about how you’re using your phone, especially if you have an older device. This is where the lighter version of an app can help you out.

Lite apps are a perfect choice for people looking for a more minimalist app experience, or for when you want to reduce data use. Sometimes lite apps are simpler takes on paid apps that let you test out the experience before you buy the full app.

Apple’s App Store hosts a huge variety of lite apps ranging from popular games to alternative ways to access Facebook.

Opera Touch

Web browsers are a very personal choice. You probably already have a favorite, perhaps Safari or Chrome. Opera Touch is a intriguing new option that’s particularly suited for the mobile experience. It allows easy one-hand navigation.

Installed, it takes up 44.9 MB. Compare that to Chrome’s 107.6 MB and 98.8 MB for Firefox. If you’re really keeping your iPhone on a storage diet, then Opera Touch is worth a look, but it’s also an intriguing browser all on its own.

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Friendly for Facebook

Facebook offers a lite app for Android users, but hasn’t widely released one for iOS yet. Friendly for Facebook is a solid option for iPhone that packs Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter access in a single space-saving app.

Friendly’s tagline is "One app to rule them all," but it has a limitation when it comes to Instagram. It can keep you up on Facebook activities, but it can’t upload photos to Instagram, so it probably won’t be able to replace your usual Instagram app. Give it a try if you’re looking to consolidate your social networking and want a change from Facebook’s official app.

Twitterrific 5 for Twitter

Calling all Twitter fans, here’s a lightweight app for you. Twitterrific 5 sports a goofy name, but it has an elegant interface that lets you customize your tweeting and tweet-reading experience. The app clears out promoted tweets and displays your feed in chronological timelines. You can also "muffle" certain tweets and change up the theme. The feature list is extensive.

The app is free to download, but operates on a tip-jar system with a $0.49-per-month subscription option.

PicShop Lite

Your iPhone already offers some built-in photo editing features, but you can expand your abilities with the free PicShop Lite. From filters to effects to more basic editing chores, PicShop Lite has you covered. The clean and easy interface makes it friendly for casual users, but it’s plenty powerful enough for more intensive photo-editing tasks when you need it. Try out the built-in Meme Maker if you want to have a bit of fun.

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SkyView Lite

The cosmos is your oyster with SkyView Lite, an excellent example of how app developers use free lighter versions of an app to let your try before you buy. SkyView Lite is one of the top education apps in the App Store. It lets you explore the night sky and the planets and constellations while also tracking stargazing events and learning more about our universe. The full SkyView app costs $1.99, but you can get introduced through this free version.

These lite apps offer appealing alternative ways to access Facebook and Twitter, edit your photos, or browse the internet. You may discover a new favorite that also helps to keep your storage freed up. A little less clutter on your favorite gadget is always a nice bonus.

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