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Find out which iPhone apps you need to delete

Find out which iPhone apps you need to delete
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It's the dead of winter, yet it's time for spring cleaning. Your smartphones are treasure troves of junk you no longer need and that could make you an easy target for hackers.

You've got apps on your iPhone that you haven't used in years. There are others that you recently downloaded that you thought had to have, but you never use.

This is more than an inconvenience, but it's certainly that. You can spend minutes scrolling through apps, trying to find the one you want, only to scroll back and forth because you keep passing it by.

That says a lot more about the apps that you're scrolling past than it does than the one you're looking for. All those pages of apps you scroll past take up space, waste your time and, let's face it, you're never going to use them again.

In fact, the average person uses only about 30 of fewer apps every month. So, why do you have hundreds of them?

There's a danger here, too. Although iPhones have a well-deserved reputation for being incredibly secure, you're opening it up to remote criminals if you let old apps sit there that probably haven't had a security update in months or years.

It's time to get rid of them. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions to delete your iPhone apps.

Delete apps you don't use

There are a few ways to figure out which apps you're not using anymore, or that you rarely use. The easiest way is to simply scroll through your apps.

You might see old apps that you once loved that you no longer use. You may see that you have multiples, like Google Maps and Waze for driving directions - get rid of some of these.

Offload unused apps

There's an another way to see get rid of apps you're no longer using. Let your iPhone do it for you.

Your iPhone has a feature called Offload Unused Apps. It automatically deletes the apps you don't use very often when you set it up.

However, it saves important information inside the app. The idea is you have everything you need in case you reinstall the app.

Delete apps that eat up too much storage

How often do you check your iPhone's storage? If you're like a lot of people, you don't pay too much attention to it, until you start running out of space.

Have you ever tried to download an app and didn't have enough space to do it? Yes, that will motivate you to delete apps pretty quick.

With security in mind, you may want to start deleting the apps that take up a lot of space. Go to Settings, then choose General and then iPhone Storage -- it will show you the apps you have and how much space each one takes up.

Delete tracking apps

You know that it's a good idea to turn off your phone's location tracker, just to keep hackers from seeing where you are. It's easy - swipe up your screen and turn off Location.

However, there are apps that are tracking your location, too. You can turn those off by going into Settings.

You can click on each app to see if it's tracking your location. You can turn it off from there.

How to delete your iPhone apps

There are a number of ways to delete apps from your iPhone. For instance, select Offload App by going to Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage >> Offload App.

You can also hold down apps until they jiggle. You'll see an X in the left side of the app to delete it.

You can also have your iPhone automatically delete apps you're not using, as mentioned above. To set it up, go to Settings, then General, iPhone Storage and enable the option, Offload Unused Apps.

Beware of these Touch ID scam apps on the Apple App Store

Apple users, don't get lulled into a false sense of security. Apple's iPhone is definitely one of the most bug-free, secure smarphones available.

Yet, criminals are always devising new ways to steal your money. That includes using Apple's biometric Touch ID to trick you into giving them money without your knowedge. 

Click or tap here BEFORE you open any iPhone apps!

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