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Get the best deal on smart cameras to protect your home

Get the best deal on smart cameras to protect your home

The holidays are approaching, and you don’t want anyone other than Santa to be making their way into your home while you celebrate. You should get a great security camera to keep an eye on things.

A smart security camera lets you be as watchful as Saint Nick himself, giving you incredible evidence in case of a break in, or even just a way to find out if people are sneaking peeks at their presents early if you place a camera inside. They are fully worth the investment, particularly when you can get some great systems at a discount right now.

and Komando.com also offers a Wi-Fi security camera that can keep your home protected through the new year, and far beyond.  The Wi-Fi Security camera is currently available for $129.99.

Want to know more about smart security cameras, or at least just some specs before you decide which camera to commit to? Keep reading below, then make sure Santa’s elves know which camera system to get you for Christmas by clicking the links here and here.

Blink XT 1-camera system

Blink XT offers a wireless one-camera system that you mount to a wall, and let run inside or outside your house, thanks to weatherproofing. It records HD video, which you can control and view through Android and iOS apps, and it keeps these videos in a Cloud storage system.

The one-camera system can run for 2 years on two AA lithium batteries (which come included with your order), and has a motion detector built into the camera. When the motion detector is set off, the camera records a short clip of the event, and sends an alert to your phone, so you can see if your pet is just being rambunctious, or if you should be calling the police.

Blink XT cameras also have infrared night vision, and an optional LED illuminator for recording at night, so you can keep your home safe 24/7. The camera also has a built-in microphone, so you get audio as well as video to look over.

The Blink XT 1-cam system is just $78.99 at Amazon—that’s $51 less than its usual price. That makes it almost as cheap as the Blink Indoor 1-camera system, which has the same functions as the XT system, just without the weatherproofing or the infrared night vision. So to have better nighttime monitoring, and more options on placement, as well as a nearly comparable price to the indoor-only version, get yourself the Blink XT 1-camera system by clicking here.

Blink XT 3-camera system

You like the sound of the Blink XT camera system from the description above, but you know you need more than one camera to truly protect your home. The Blink XT sync system, which keeps the Blink XT cameras connected to the Cloud and to your phone app, can connect up to 10 cameras per system, so you can certainly add cameras to your system whenever you need to. If you’re not sure how many to start with though, the second amazing deal today is for the Blink XT 3-camera system. Get it or get the 3-cam system for $90 off—just $229.99, $90 off the usual price.

Each camera in the 3-cam system has the same features as the Blink XT 1-cam, including a diagonal, 110 degree field of view, a CPU of ISI 18, 4/100Mhz, and single-antenna Wi-Fi that works on networks that use 2/4 Ghz 802.11g/n (and does not connect to peer-to-peer Wi-Fi networks). Each camera comes with a 1-year limited warranty, with service included, so if one of your cameras ends up a little faulty, Blink can get you a new one, or repair your current one.

The Blink XT 3-cam system, like the 1-cam system, also can be combined with Alexa screen devices, allowing you voice control over the system, and letting you stream live footage, or look at older recordings, right on your Alexa screen. The Blink XT systems, therefore, add to making your home a smart home, while they protect you.

Smart Home Security Camera

The Blink security cameras are great, and even film in HD—but their video quality maxes out at 720p. The Smart Home Security Camera from Komando, another great option for protecting your home this holiday season, records at 1080p, giving you better quality evidence of a break-in, and just better quality video when motion is detected in your home, and you’re assessing if the police need to be called.

Yes, also much like the Blink cameras, the Smart Home Security Camera sends you a notification when its internal motion sensor is triggered, and you can access this live or recorded footage at any time, and in any place, through an app on your phone. You get an extra 5 degrees of view in this footage compared to the Blink cameras—115 degree view versus 110—and you get a similar, powerful infrared LED that lets footage recorded in the dark be visible and usable as well.

Another feature the Smart Home Security Camera has over the Blink camera is a two-way microphone system. The internal microphone can record audio that’s as far as 5 meters away, and there’s also a speaker built into it as well that you can access by holding down the microphone button in the app. The Smart Home Security Camera is priced will be on sale this weekend for $89.99, $40 off.

Wi-Fi Security Camera

Wi-Fi Security Camera

at Komando Shop

Bonus: SimpliSafe

Our sponsor SimpliSafe has a whole suite of cameras that are easy to install and are available with no commitments, no hidden fees, no activation or installation fees. For as low as $14.99 a month, which you can cancel anytime, you can have the round-the-clock home protection and that peace of mind you've been wanting all along.

But don't take our word for it, try SimpliSafe now and see for yourself. Free shipping and Free returns! Just visit simplisafe.com/kim to protect your home with SimpliSafe today.

Protect your home with strategically placed security cameras

One of the easiest ways to protect your home is with 24/7 monitoring and well-placed security cameras. But where should you install them? Placement is key, so take my advice.

Here are the top areas burglars strike most.

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