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I have this in my home and you should, too

Emergency Essentials
I have this in my home and you should, too

Many of us have been or know someone who's been affected by the severe weather, fires or natural disasters our country has suffered in recent years. Odds are likely you also know someone who has been the victim of a cyberattack, a data breach, identity theft or a phishing scam. Creating peace of mind in times of uncertainty is imperative for every family. That's why I have partnered with my sponsor BePrepared.com.

We've also been hearing for years about cyberattacks on a more global and devastating nature. We live in a world full of innovation and technology and we need to protect and prepare ourselves for the unknown as well as the known threats.

The thing is, when you talk about a threat that might happen over 15 years, people start doubting it will ever actually happen. But that's the point of warning people, to prepare them, to give them time to protect themselves and their loved ones, to have peace of mind.

These events are devastating, and I want each of you to feel empowered to protect yourselves and your loved ones. There's nothing that brings more peace of mind than being prepared. And that's why I have partnered with BePrepared.com for all my emergency preparedness needs.

I want to share three critical things that I keep in my home, in case of emergency, and I think you should too.

1. Keep medications and emergency cash available.

Make sure you have enough medications on hand to last you at least three days.  Keep enough emergency cash stashed safely in your home so that it's there when and if you need it.

2. Keep your car fueled up in case you can’t get gasoline.  

Many of the sudden events that have happened in the past few years have affected our ability to get fuel for our vehicles. Make sure to keep your car fueled up so that you have the time and gas to safely transport your family.

3. A 5-Day Komando Kit for each person in your home.

Every person in my home has a five-day Komando Kit from BePrepared.com. It’s a complete survival engineered backpack loaded with the most innovative tech, food, water and gear to last one person five days. I want each one of you to be prepared for the unexpected.

Start preparing for the unexpected today and give yourself peace of mind that if you do have to face an emergency, you are ready and you have the emergency essentials to get yourself and your loved ones to safety.

Don't wait another day. Order your Komando Kit at BePrepared.com/Kim and receive $50 off your first Komando Kit. Plus, as my gift to you, you'll receive a free solar-powered combo flashlight, lantern and phone charger.

Winterize your home and secure your water supply

During the colder months, our water supply can be at the mercy of nature. Frozen pipes are a serious problem for many of the colder states. Make sure you know how to protect yourself and stay prepared. Tap or click here to learn more.

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