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Android: How to manage permissions on your Android

Android: How to manage permissions on your Android

Calling all Android users! Are you tired of having to grant each and every app permission? Are you worried that each app may be a privacy risk? Are you tired of having to toggle each app to avoid granting it permission?

Well, good news, for only one dollar you can purchase the new Android app, Bouncer, and say goodbye to all of these annoying problems.

Bouncer is a simple Android app for $0.99, currently in beta, that allows users to grant temporary permissions to Android apps. Bouncer also gives you more control over permissions so you can keep apps installed and deny all permissions or grant them while you use them. It also allows users to auto-remove apps right after.
So, how does Bouncer work? Well, it’s actually fairly simple. The first step, of course, is to download the app via the link below. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will need to enable an accessibility service for Bouncer to perform its app duties. Don’t worry though, Bouncer explains on the app page that it does not request permissions. In fact, the app doesn’t even have permission to access the internet.

Once you have allowed Bouncer permission, the fun begins! Continue using your Android as you normally would. You will witness Bouncer’s full power when it’s time to toggle permission. For example, say an app has just requested permission and you grant it. Well, Bouncer will display a notification that asks whether or not you would like to revoke the permission later on.

But, what if you choose to keep the app’s permission enabled? Well, thankfully Bouncer can assist with that as well. You can select the "Keep" option if you want to enable the permission, and select "Schedule" to enable the App’s permission but with a delay. Now, what if you don’t want to enable an app’s permission? In this case, you would select the "Remove" option. If you select "Remove," Bouncer will immediately open the app’s settings after you have closed the app and will revoke the app’s permission.

Bouncer is very helpful because it helps you choose and keep track of which apps have permissions and which don’t. The app even allows you to sort through the sensitive permissions used by apps on your device. To explore this feature, simply scroll through "All Apps" or browse according to permission using keywords like "Camera" or "Location."

Now let’s break it down once more, Tap an app to determine what permissions you have granted it. If you select a permission, Bouncer will come to your rescue and ask if you would like to revoke it. If you confirm for the app’s permission to be revoked, Bouncer will then automate the process right before your eyes!

Bouncer also has a nifty ‘Settings’ feature which allows you to personalize your experience with the app. To explore this feature, simply select the "Settings" gear and then pick and choose various options such as how long to wait by default before the app pulls a permission, whether Bouncer will remember your choices for future use, and whether or not a notification is to be locked to avoid you missing it.

This app is a wonderful and inexpensive way to overcome the privacy and security issues that arise with owning an Android.

You can download Bouncer here.

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